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2 Color Xbox Paintjob Guide (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : TykSak @ ModZone.dk (posted here with permission)
Last edited: September 2, 2003

The best paint to use is acrylic car paint here are some brand names recommended and tested by fellow modders in the XboxScene forum:
Krylon Fusion
Motip Car Paint
Dupli-Color Auto Paint
Tamiya Model Paint
Plasti-kote Auto Paint

You will also need some clear packing tape.

Start painting the inside (edges) of the case.

When its dry turn it around and paint the outside.

Try to paint from all sides but dont use to much paint in one place keep moving around the box.

You should now have painted all the pieces (top, bottom, DVD cover and button cover)

Masking of can take a little time and isnt easy
Use clar packing tape cut it at a slight angle then put it down into the groove use a screwdriver to make it stick to the side

Fold it inwards you can see the "angle" part at the top its not in the way when we have to mask of the other side

Also use the "angle" trick on the small parts

Now its time to paint again and as before paint the inside edges first

Then when its dry turn it around and paint the outside getting in to all the grooves, finish of the top with one coat so the whole X is wet.

when its dry remove the clear packing tape

Hopefully your case now looks something like this

Take your time and dont rush.

DONT get to close with the sparay can.
DONT paint in moist and cold conditions or leave it out at night it might fog up.

Tutorial written by : TykSak @ ModZone.dk



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