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Clear Xbox jewel without sanding (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : pharcyde
Last edited: September 2, 2003

So you want to pimp out your xbox and make a pretty light shine through the jewel? Ok, here is the easiest way to make that jewel clear:

1) Remove the top and void your warranty.

2) Remove metal heat shield by bending back clips with flathead screwdriver.

3) Use a hairdyer/blowdryer to heat up area behind jewel. After its pretty warm to the touch slip a plastic shim or fine flathead screwdriver underneath the jewel and slowly work the plastic tape up. Be careful not to damage jewel by applying too much pressure on it. Take your time and it will pop off easily once you have worked most the sticky tape up by using gentle pressure and heat.

5) Marvel at your work. Now here is the crazy part, go into your kitchen and grab a can of Easy Off oven cleaner, no joke! Spray copious amounts of Easy Off over the puke green paint on the backside of the jewel. Let it sit for 15-30 minutes, gently scrape off with your fingernail and voila! it comes off.

Note- you may have to repeat the above steps a few times before paint begins to scrape off..results vary. Make sure you protect your eyes and skin with the Easy Off, it is nasty stuff!

6) Marvel at your clear jewel and laugh at all the sillywads who are still grinding away their jewels with sandpaper.


PS- I did not include screen shots because I am lazy. If you do not believe this works then don't try it. Also, I take absolutely no responsibility whatsoever if you screw it up. It worked perfectly for me and I got the idea from a plastic modeler's website.

Tutorial written by : pharcyde



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