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This is a guide to get your Xbox controller working under linux (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : Patrick Mc.K.

Step 1:
Download the xpad drivers open a console window and extract it with the command:

tar -jxf xpad.tar.bz2

Keep the console window open through all this. Plug your Xbox controller into a working USB port. If all is set up right if you run:


from within the xpad directory you should see something like this:

The xbox controller is circled on here, also notice i already have the driver installed. Also that other device is my keyboard.
Also notice that the Xbox controller is actually listed as a USB hub with a device attached.
If you do not see that, either hit


Or install USBMGR (if in debian just hit "apt-get install usbmgr") I find usbmgr much better, but that's just me.


Step 2:
Now that you have the Xbox controller installed and recognised it's time to install the drivers.
You can do this the easy way, with a nice little script i cooked up that does it all for you by hitting


or you can do it manually with the following commands:

make install
modprobe xpad
modprobe joydev

Now if you run usbtree again ( ./usbtree for those with short memories) you should see that the controller has "xpad" next to the driver label.
Now you test your controller by typing

jstest /dev/js0

and you should get a view like the following:

and when you press buttons on the controller and move the stick the values there should change. If they don't, however, try changing the device. eg:

jstest /dev/js1
jstest /dev/js2

or however long you want to go on for


Thanks to the Xbox-Linux mailing list guys for helping me with this.. and not for deleting one of the source files off the cvs tree just before i got a chance to download it for the kit, so i had to trawl though a pile of inodes to fine the one i deleted the night before.
And of course me for taking the tiem out of my busy sitting-and-being-lazy schedule to write this.. heh

Tutorial written by : Patrick Mc.K.



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