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Xbox pot tweaking tutorial

written by : maltloaf (from digital-forums)

Some xbox consoles have alot of problems to read cheap DVD-RW/R and CD-RW media.
If your xbox has problems to read DVD-RW/R's or CD-RW's this trick will solve your problem.
If your xbox has no problems to read the media , be happy and do NOT try this tweak.

xbox-scene , maltloaf and digital-forums take NO responsibility if this tweak destroys your xbox.
Proceed at OWN risk.

1. Take drive out of xbox (if you installed a mod, you know how to do this)

2. unclip plastic bracket - the 2 plastic clips are to the rear of the drive.

3. pull off metal grounding piece - just slips off

4. remove 2 screws in the lid of the drive (there are only 2)

5. push in plastic clips to allow the lid to come off

6. take out the 2 torx screws at the back of the drive (T10)

7. Ease off the bottom of the drive being careful not to damage the connectors at the back.

8. Undo the screws in the drive PCB.

9. Unclip the 2 ribbon cables, done by sliding part of the connector away from the cct board. (It may be easier for the laser emitter end to be done.

10. Move the circuit board out of the way, it will still be connected by 2 small wires but dont worry about that, you just need the room

11. looking from underneath, on the laser unit itself, you will see a pot on the bottom left of the pcb.

12. Scratch the resin off CAREFULLY, the pot can be easily damaged.

13. Measure between the TOP LEFT and the screw of the pot.

14. Turn the pot anticlockwise until the meter measures 1800ohms.

15. re assemble

16. test

17. If the drive is still not perfect, decrease the ohm value in 25 ohm steps until it is. I would suggest that you do not go much further than 850 ohms as I noticed the drive becoming noisy after this.


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