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Easier clear jewel tutorial (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : st4rk3y
Last edited: September 22, 2003

Here is the easiest way of making your gem clear...

As per all other guides, I will not guarantee any of this to work for you, it worked for me so it should for you.

Open your case (your warranty was already voided anyways :-) ) and remove the metal tray from the top shell.

Grab a hair dryer and heat up behind the gem until the top of the gem is very warm to touch.
GENTLY use a screwdriver or another thin prying tool to lift the gem off the casing. You may need to reheat , or keep the hair dryer going to help you along.

Once you have the gem off, remove as much of the black adhesive as possible.

(I was following the guide that uses oven cleaner at this stage and used oven cleaner to remove the white plastic paint) You can either use the oven cleaner here, as i know it works to remove the white paint, or you can grab some MINERAL TURPENTINE.

Simply put a little Mineral Turpentine onto a rag or tissue and rub the green paint off. I was a little careful with it around the chrome text in case the turps hurt the chrome, but mine turned out fine:

Cheers everyone :-)

Tutorial written by : st4rk3y



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