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Matrix Enable/Disable Switch (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : myst1x

Credit for this tutorial cannot be given solely to me. 95% of it should be sent towards the way of Captain Dunsel for his initial tutorial for the Enable/Disable of a Matrix chip. I came across this method while messing around one day. Instead of drilling two holes in your box just so you can turn the chip on and off for Xbox Live! or what have you, you only need one. It’s simple and gets the job done.

Buying the Switches
Like Captain Dunsel said a Radio Shack SPST Submini Toggle Switch (RS #275-612). All you need is one and they are pretty dirt cheap. Here’s a picture:

NOTE: The switch that I bought had a blue bottom, not green, so don’t think they are different.

Mounting Ideas
First, decide where you want the switch. Carefully plan this. I either mount my switches on the side of the case or in the back by drilling a hole. Its up to you, my friend.

Switch It Up!
Open up your box and notice your matrix sitting there all properly aligned and lovely. Now take your soldering iron and disturb its peace. Depending on where you want to mount it, get two pieces of wire. Make sure they are about one or one and a half inches longer than what you need. It’s nice to have a little slack. Strip the wire on both ends but to these measurements: one end (side attaching to the switch) strip about .25 inches or ¼ inch; the other end (side going to the matrix) strip about .125 inches or 1/8 of an inch. Now, follow my diagram (credit goes to Captain Dunsel for the idea):

Now mount the switch and test the Xbox. Power it on and see if the switch works when on. If it does, great! Power the Xbox off. Flick the switch to OFF and power the Xbox back on. It works?! GREAT! You officially have created an enable/disable switch for your Matrix chip!

Tutorial written by : myst1x



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