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EvolutionX FAQ

written by : Xbox-Scene

Important: This document is outdated.
It is only kept online for historical reasons.

> Do I need the EvolutionX bios ?
No all hacked bioses will boot EvoX dashboard.

> How can I install the EvoltionX Bios ?
You can install a homebrew modchip with the image of one of the EvolutionX bios versions or you can flash the internal xbox BIOS with the EvoX software (more info about this , check here)

> Do I need a modchip to launch the EvoX disc ?
All unsigned code needs a modchips , so yes you need one to launch EvoX.

> Can I backup original xbox DVDs with Evox ?
yes , you can put them on the Xbox HD (on e: or f:) and launch them from there , but you can aswell download them to your PC and burn them on a DVD. (might need some xbepatching).

> Can I nuke my xbox ?
Yes , if you don't know what you are doing it's easy to destroy your xbox. Make sure you don't delete or rename files on the xbox HD without knowing what you are exactly doing.
Also be carefull while editing the EvoX .ini file. (or your xbox might not boot again).
MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR C: (xbox HD) before changing anything!

> Where can I find EvolutionX ?
For legal reasons It won't be posted here or on our forum. So don't request it.

written by : The EvolutionX Team

> When it saus create backups of your original games... does it crack the protection for each game or just ignore protection?
It does not crack any protection, so some games would have to be cracked in order to be played from HD.
We have tried to copy some of our own originals to HD and they worked without any problems... and some did not work.

> is it easy to identify multiple evoX xboxs on the same ethernet network?
Haven't tried that, but i can't see any problems in it.

> can enigmah x chips be flashed to evolutionx bios?
As far as i know the Enighma chip is a cpld an thus cannot be flashed ;)
However if it is possible to disable the enighma chip after bootup, i think it would be possible to flash the onboard bios... pure speculation here!

> is it software to burn on dvdr to boot up on xbox alonside software on pc?
Its an xbe file which you can boot from DVD, CDRW or HD if renamed to xboxdash.xbe
You do not need any software running on your pc, except if you wan't to ftp you have to use a standard ftp client.

> will it be easy of M$ to stop all "live" games from working on an xbox?
No idea ... i don't work for M$

> Can the EvolutionX software be used with a Homebrew mod ?
It was designed for homebrew mods... if you flash your homebrew with our bios you have no patch fix & a 6th. harddisk partition HD > 8G
Preferably you would add a switch to toggle homebrew bios (should be write protected) and onboard bios. And use the onboard flash for future updates or burn the original M$ bios image back again.

> the pic with the partitioned hd, is that the xbox hd or pc hd?
That is an IBM 80G harddisk installed in the XBOX instead of the original one.

> to use the evo-X i have to connect all the time my pc with my xbox,or i will burn evoX on a cdr and run it on xbox?
You can burn it to a CDR and start from there .. no need for a pc at all.

> so the evo-x prog i can run it directly from xbox with a burnt cdr or the bios make all these menus,for choosing games and etc ?
It is not the bios making the menus, it's the EvolutionX application... and it's completely configurable by editing an ini file

> could u clear thx flash process ? with technical infos please
in the Evo menu there is a rom directory containing all the images that you can flash from and that could contain the original M$ bios as well ??

> when you say you need the evolution bios for HD feature, thats 'overwrites' an existing modchip then rite?
You need to boot the box from our bios in order to install the new HD.
Our bios contains the nescessary coding to make this possible.
We are not saying that you have to buy a chip or anything.. just use our bios image in your homebrew mod

> will there be any way to play xbox games from ISOS over a netowrk?
;) this is still under investigation... but you can extract the files from the iso, copy the game to HD and run it from there.

> is all functionality available if you can flash the evoX bios on the existing 29F080 and make the jumpers for WE and OE to the MCPX?
yes, but a homebrew mod will do just fine as well

> can the evox bios be flashined into an 2mbit or 4mbit homebrew modchip? or only into the original xbox bios?
it can be flashed into a 2mbit, 4mbit or 8mbit as you wish

> another question: WHY FREE? ;)
Why Not!!!

> How we can prepare the new hdd to be installed? (WIN?, or on XBOX?)
You just plug in your HD in the XBOX, and boot on a CDRW/DVD. Then you will be able to format and partition the HD from the EvoX application.
This is done be sending a set of commands from your ftp client to the XBOX.

> how the reading process of original in carried out ? (using xbox kernel or custom code?)
Using XBOX kernal.

> its enough to flash my eprom chip with the evox bios to be able to use the hdd feature?

> if xbox becomes an ftp server, can you run a p2p then to trade games?

> "What do you mean by "rd / wd" signals connected on the xbox flash?
These connection are only needed if you want to upgrade the onboard flash.shortet resistor pads R7R4 on the bottom and R7D3 on the top will allow OE and WR to the flash.


New EvolutionX v1.8.2594 FAQ (by Icdedppl)

Do I still need my menu.ini?
- No, evox.ini is the new config file. Copy over your settings from your old menu.ini if you want *into* your evox.ini under the "Menu" settings. Go here for an example of a working evox.ini: http://evox.xboxhackz.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=24

Why can I not connect? I used to be able to on the old evox?
- The settings have been reset with the move over to the evox.ini. You either need to manually change your evox.ini or you need to go to the settings and change them. Make sure, if you are using a static IP address, to set "Use Static IP" to "Yes" and that you set the default gateway of your LAN. If you are using DHCP/ICS/WinRoute, change the setting "Use Static IP" to "No", and again, make sure your gatway IP address is correct.

Where do I put the Skins and Bios folder?
- You put those in the C: partition.

What is the default user/password for the FTP now?
- It is xbox:xbox.

Where can I find all the settings now?
- All settings are now found under System Utils>Settings. Here you can change your network settings, see your hard drive information, Bios information, change your FTP login settings, etc.

How do I change my skin?
- Go to System Utils>Skins. There you can view the skins that you have available and select a new one.

What does backup do (System Utils>Backup)?
- Makes a backup of your Serial EEPROM, Onboard Bios, HDD Password, and HDD Config Sector. The backup folder is placed on your C: partition.

Why aren't my settings being saved when I exit the settings window?
- You are not going all the way down to the bottom and clicking on "Save and Exit." Doing this will write your changed settings to the evox.ini.

How do I change my xbox user name for ftping?
- You can't. The user name is always "xbox." You can, however go to the settings and change the ftp password to whatever you'd like.

My evox.ini "menu" options are not appearing after I change them in evox.ini.
- You may have to completely shutdown to have this show up (thanks to Speedy for testing this).

I've changed an option on the settings screen *and* I've clicked on "save and exit" and the changes don't appear to have changed. I've even rebooted. What's wrong?
- Might be the same as above. Seems like some settings will change on a reboot; others only on a complete shutdown. I would recommend a complete shutdown if you notice your settings not taking affect.

What are RDTools?
- This is for remote debugging. If you don't know what this means, just leave it alone (thanks to #evolutionx for the info).

How do I take a screenshot of my EvoX dashboard?
- Simply press the black button on your controller, and you can save a screenshot of your evox dashboard. This is saved in the E: partition as "screendump.bmp." (thanks to [no]ganja for help with finding that).

Do I need to install the new 2.4 EvoX Bios to use the new dashboard?
- No, you do not. It will still work with all the older Bios'.

Does the new EvoX dashboard/Bios increase the speed on FTP transfers?
- No, it doesn't appear to increase the transfer speed (at least for me).

I'm still booting to my old dashboard even though I know I put the new dashboard on my Xbox. What's the deal?
- The new dashboard is named default.xbe. You need to rename it to xboxdash.xbe and replace your old one.


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