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How to link to original dashboard from EvoX dashboard (v0.2)

Thanks to Hamster- for this easier method.

Important: This document is outdated.
It is only kept online for historical reasons.

In the original EvoX .ini file under "Root" you will find this line :

For EvoX v1.8.458 till EvoX v1.8.3285

Section "Root"

Item "MS Dashboard",@3

For EvoX v1.8.3682 or newer

Section "Root"

Item "MS Dashboard",ID_MS_Dash

Leave that line there , don't change it.

So now you just installed the EvoX dashboard on your xbox HD and you want to install a link to the MS dashboard.

Just get a copy of the original xboxdash.xbe (you should have this in the xbox c:/ backup you made).

Rename it to msxboxdash.xbe , and upload it to c:\ (xbox HD). (or use "transfer as ...").
So now on the c: root of your xbox you should have xboxdash.xbe (the evox file) , msxboxdash.xbe (the original xboxdash.xbe file , that's the MS dashboard) and menu.ini with the line "Item "MS Dashboard",@3".



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