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How to make a XBOX partitioned Drive a MAP Network Drive Accessible in Windows Explorer

tutorial written by : cyros718

This would be good to properties disc when its still in the drive to see if all bytes were transferred from original source or saving time by creatng ISO image straight to harddrive from the original while its still in the xbox dvd drive without having to copy all files first then make a ISO.

And what ever else you can think of that this will benefit.

Things Needed

1.Modded XBOX
2.Knowledge of using EvolutionX to connect to XBOX Harddisk via FTP
3.Webdrive 5.10 Installed!! http://www.webdrive.com/download/index.html
for a 30-day evaluation.

1. Start your XBOX, already having the EvolutionX dashboard on your
XBOX hard drive. So you should see the EvolutionX screen.

2. Start your Webdrive 5.10 that you installed, should like like this.

Now that you have it open press “New Site” and you should get a window like this.
Put in the name of your new site like XBOX and for Address/URL put the IP address of your XBOX.
Example mine happens to be so you would put
now press FINISH.

Now you should get a screen that looks like this showing your new site you added.

(Note: This part will be used when changing to different partitioned drives on the on XBOX harddrive)
Press “Advanced” and you should get a screen like this.

Now put the Drive you wish to view in the “Root Directory” I put /E as you see from the picture above then press OK.

Now you should be back at the first screen, its time now to choose the Drive letter you want to map to. (I picked the letter X). Also make sure Anonymous/Public Logon is CHECKED.

Now Press “Connect” and once connected a window may pop up showing the contents of the XBOX drive you mapped. If not now you can open Windows Explorer

More pictures below.

So there you have it now you’re able to access your choice of XBOX partitioned drives from Windows Explorer.

When adding a “New Site” in webdrive being that you can only logon once to your XBOX via FTP
I know it’s possible to add 6 different sites leading to all the different partitions on the XBOX harddrive
But when making multiple accounts one has to be disconnected before other one to connect. And sometimes it causes Webdrive to freeze/crash so I would recommend using the same account just changing the “Root Directory” to the partition you want to view (example /E or /D (XBOX DVD Drive)
But make sure you disconnected the old one before changing to new one.
You can also check the status of the drive with the icon Webdrive makes in your system tray.

Others Notes:
I understand there might been other ways or different programs to do this with that might have been freeware or better to us etc. I really didn’t look into it I was just trying to find out if it was possible.

tutorial written by : cyros718


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