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How to auto-launch MS Xbox DVD player from Evo-X (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : m0x

I know for alotta people DVDx enable DVD playback without a dongle or remote but if ya already had bought one?
Dont ya still wanna use it for DVDs ?
Dont you miss that nice old school MS dvd player?

well here's your chance:

1 . Ftp ya xbox

2 . Locate your original MS dashboard (depending on bios this will probably be xboxdash.xbe or msxboxdash.xbe). Or if you don't have it on your HD anymore , re-upload it with a new non-used name on c:/ (xbox hd).

3. In FlashFXP (ftp client) right click on your Evox.ini and click "edit"

4. scroll down to your [Misc] settings
and add this in :

AutoLaunchDVD = Yes
DVDPlayer = "c:\msdashwhateverfilenameyoursis.xbe"

msdashwhateverfilenameyoursis = name of the Xbox Dash on your Xbox. (see step2).

You kinda seeing what am doing?
I am setting evox to launch the original MSdash (renamed of course)
and go straight to the DVD bypassing the dash

5. aftering editing, click on upload

6. put a dvd and reboot ya xbox ;D and enjoy wee!

Tutorial written by : m0x



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