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Basic Guide To Setting Up Evolution-X Dashboard On Your XBOX (v0.6)

Tutorial written by : XanTium

Installation is at *OWN* risk. Installation can be done faster , but this is the safest way to do it. Make sure you don't shutdown (or crash) your xbox & PC while transferring files.
This tutorial has been written for EvolutionX v1.8.2594 & higher/newer.

This guide will explain how to install the EvolutionX (alias EvoX) dashboard on your xbox harddrive.
What you have to do :

1) Get EvolutionX. (For legal reasons we can't place a download link here.)

2) You need a modchip or flashed TSOP (or correctly installed exploit ... this tutorial will not go deeper into this specific setup).
You must flash your Xbox with a newer hacked bios that has the "change bootfile v2" or higher feature so it can boot-up with evoxdash.xbe (X2 4972+ and EvoX 3.6+ have this).

3) Burn the iso of Evolution-X to cd-rw or dvd-r/rw or whatever media actually loads on your xbox. (tutorial : Burn ISOs with PrimoDVD or Burn ISOs with Nero). If the EvoX version you downloaded is not an .iso file , make a xiso file of default.xbe & evox.ini (there's no need to include the "bios" & "skins" directories , but it won't harm either) (check make xiso tutorial).
Note that you might need to edit some of the network settings in evox.ini (fix or non-fix ip , default gateway , subnetmask , ... ) , check the next step for network info.

4) Connect your Xbox with your PC (tutorial: Full guide to network your Xbox: FTP'ing to your xbox and more or Basic Networking (how to connect your PC with the Xbox))

5) Load the EvoX disc you just burned on your xbox , after loaded scroll down and select "System Utils" , then select "Settings" and then scroll down to "IP".
(note : if you gave a fix IP while editing the evox.ini file you already know the IP ofcourse)

6) This will give the IP of your xbox on your network.

7) Open an FTP client on your PC. We use FlashFXP , but you can use another FTP client if you prefer.

8) Open FlashFXP
The screen is divided in 2 parts. On the left side you should get the content of your PC harddrive. To switch between ftp/hdd use the top button the rightside.

09) On the rightside , click the first topbutton and choose "quick connect".

10) Connect to your Xbox
Fill in the IP (you got from the EvoX in step6). The username is always "xbox" , the password is standard "xbox" unless you changed it in your evox.ini file.

11) On the rightside of Flashfxp you should see this :

12) Backup your Xbox harddrive
On the leftside (PC harddrive) go somewhere with alot of free webspace. (300MB should be enough) Select "C" & "E" on the righside right-click and select "transfer". It will now copy the C & E drive of your xbox to your PC HD. (it can take some mins).
Make sure to keep this as backup if something goes wrong.

13) Enter the C directory on the Xbox harddrive (right side).
It should look like this.

14) Now go to the directory on your PC harddrive where EvoX is. (If you only have the .iso file you will have to extract it first - tutorial).
You will now have a :
* 'evox.ini' file : make sure to open the file with notepad and configure all the settings (most important your network settings - the standard settings of all the other options should be ok).
* 'default.xbe' or 'evoxdash.xbe': rename this file to 'evoxdash.xbe'.
* '/skin' directory
* '/bios' directory
* '/trainers' directory
Now copy these 2 files (evox.ini and evoxdash.xbe) and the 3 directories with all files in to in the C-drive on your Xbox.

15) Remove the CD , turn off your xbox and restart.
It should now boot up to the EvolutionX dashboard.
If it doesn't work your xbox isn't doomed , you can still axx the the xbox harddrive with the CD. (and if needed restore with the backup of C & E you made).


Tutorial written by : XanTium


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