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Guide On External Detachable Power Switch (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : smokeingit
Last edited: September 2, 2003

parts needed
radio shack
274-246a three-conductor phone jack closed -circuit type
274-284 stereo phone plug (inside the package comes 2)
a normaly open momentary switch rated at 1A there are to many to list
20 to 30 gwd wire that will reach from the 2 points of intrest. from of car and where ever your box is hidden (trunk)


1st we need to open that wonderful xbox and drill a hole, so the end of the conductor phone jack can slip in.
once you got it firmly screwed down where it wont move. solder points 3 and 5 on the phone jack with a 28gwd wire leaving enough slack for about a foot... enough to reach to the power buttons on the xbox. (its labled on the back of the package or if your to lazy to look its the bottom 2). like so...

2nd getting those same wires from step 1 you will have to remove ports 3 and 4 from the right side of the box and solder the wires to the bottom 2 points shown in the picture.

then you are done with it and can now be closed up.


3rd once its closed your xbox on the back should look like this


4th we get the stereo phone plug and solder 2 ends of the wire we got to the phone plug.
what i did was test with my multimeter what was best... if you were to hold the plug in frount of you were you are able to see the 3 points clearly then solder the right pin and the bottom pin

then solder the other of the wires to where the switch is.


5th plug the phone plug into the phone jack and then press the switch and it should boot up =)


Tutorial written by : smokeingit



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