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How to extract an Xbox iso file (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : XanTium

Important: This document is outdated.
It is only kept online for historical reasons.

Xbox isofiles are not like normal isofiles for PC. That's why programs like winrar , demontools , winiso , ... can't extract xbox iso files. You need a special program to extract these.
There are several programs to extract xbox iso files , but xiso by Yursoft is one of the easiest to use. You can download it from our tools>scene page.

Open XISO :

Click on the "yellow-map" icon (see where mouse points on the picture below)

This new window will pop-up.
Browse your HD to the location of the xbox iso file you want to extract.
Click on the file and click on "Open" (bottom right).

Now click on the "Extract All" icon (see where mouse points on picture below).

Now point to the directory on your HD where you want to extract the xbox iso.
Click on "OK"

xISO will extract your xbox isofile (if isofile is big , this can take some time). Once finished it will confirm "End of extraction".
The xbox isofile is extracted!

Tutorial written by : XanTium



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