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How to flash an empty Xecuter2/Matrix MOD chip without a programmer (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : David

1st. & foremost I would like to thank my friends for this help. Ok now I hold no responsibility if you should damage your xbox & or Mod Chip. Now with that out of the way, lets get started. These you must already have in order to do this.

1. A Xbox Duh.
2. A Mod chip (Xecuter2-Pro/Lite/Matrix ). Duh
3. The bin file that you would like to flash with the chip.
4. Make sure you have the bin either on Cdrom or Hard drive that your going to use.
5. I used evolution X bios flash to do this with.

Well, let's say that you have a xbox already modded (if not acquired 1) with the x2-lite/pro Or Matrix. Now, pay very close attention. Power off & unplug your XBOX. Remove the cover; unscrew the HD & DVD drive. DO NOT disconnect the DVD & Hard drive, just move them out of the way so that you can have access to the MOD. From this point, if you have on off switches to the mods leave the mod on an active for the moment. Ok, Power up your xbox. Make sure it can boot in its' current state. If so, you're good up to this point. If not you need to check all your connections & make sure nothing is shorted or grounded out, remember your xbox is open & on so be careful. This applies to the x2/lite-pro; your xbox should be on the evolutionx screen. Now switch the chip to off or pull the jumper. Carefully unplug the mod from the xbox (cables/ pin header/ pogo pin). Take another mod (the 1 that you're going 2 flash), & put in place of your original mod. Please note that you must 1st make sure that the mod is switched off (disabled) & that the bios flash is switched on (enabled). With the new or blank mod plugged into the xbox, switch the mod to the on (enabled) position & bios flashed enabled. Your xbox should still be on & running @ the evolutionX screen. Ok, goto your util menu on evox to the flash bios menu & select your bin, flash your MOD & you're done. I've flashed several mods that way with no problems. All without a programmer. I havent tried the Matrix mod yet, but I will soon. Have fun.

Tutorial written by : David



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