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Front led tutorial: green to red (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : snivlem

**Warning--I take no responsibility for you screwing up your xbox**

First off, I'd like to thank my camera for taking pictures because without it, I wouldn't have been able to take pictures.

This 'mod' will make the green light on the front of your xbox red. Pretty simple.

**What you need for this funky little mod:**

* Torx 10
* Torx 20
* Tiny flathead screwdriver or a very small chisel type tool(used to pry plastic up)
* 1 xbox

You Should Know by Now...

* How to take the top cover of your box off.
* How to use a screw driver.
* How to not break little electronic things with your fat fingers.

^^This is what you need to make your xbox look like. Take the top cover off it. If you don't know how to do that easy task, look here : http://www.xbox-scene.com/articles/open1.php . Ok, those are the two torx screwdrivers and the thing on the far right is the little flathead. Notice how tiny it is compared to the big screw drivers.

^^The next thing you need to do is take out the friggin hard drive. Unscrew this friggin screw.

^^Unplug the the power cable for the hard drive. **Notice the red arrow I made that.

^^Make sure the power cord is unhooked and out of the way when you take out the tray.

^^Lift the tray out. I'm beginning to think I took too many pics. You probably could have figured out that to get the tray out, you grasp onto the edges and pull up but hey, I'm new to this.

^^Now that the hdd is out, you can view the cord of the front led board. It's yellow. The place to unplug it is where the red arrow is pointing to. Don't worry about getting it unplugged just yet. You can take the dvd drive out first. Even though I didn't. (you can skip all these steps and go onto the one where you physically change the wires but it's easier to do if you have the piece out and have more room)

^^Go ahead and take out that dvd drive. Lift the tray up and take out the ide cable and the yellow cable thing.

^^Now you can take out the front led cable thing. Now that the dvd drive isn't in the way you can get it out easier. **Be very carefully when reaching down in there. The daughter board (the board that's standing up vertically) has important and breakable stuff on it. So when you pull the plug up, make sure it doesn't touch the daughter board. You can push the daughter board back a little to give yourself some more room.

^^Time to unconnect the controller ports. First do the one on the left. Just pull the plug out from the daughter board.

^^Next, unscrew the two screws.

^^Then just pull that mofo out.

^^Now it's time to do the other one. It's a little bit crowded. Hold onto the daughter board and pull the plug out.

^^After getting the plug undone, you unscrew the two screws. Then you pull it out. Be carefull, this one's in a little tight.

^^Now to get the front off. There are three little notches on each corner that need to be freed. Just get the screwdriver in there and pry like a little girl. Once you get one side, do the other. Once both sides are off, just pull it out. Could take some yanking and jiggling.

^^Front is off.

^^there's a clip at the bottom of the board here. Just push down on the clip and pull the bottom of the board towards you. Once the bottom's out, just pull the top of the chip down and out.

^^This is the led light board thing. There are 9 wires. The first one has a one by it and the ninth, a nine. The wires we will be switching are the 5th/6th & the 7th/8th. So what I did was mark those four wires at the top in permanent marker so I'd know which ones they were. Then with a red marker, I marked both the 5th and 6th wires at the bottom near the plug. Then with the black, I marked the 7th and 8th. This was so I wouldn't get the two groups (5th/6th and 7th/8th) mixed up.

^^Notice the markings.

^^Now for the tricky yet easy yet mildly amusing part. See those white things? They're keeping the wire from coming out. They aren't too flexible but they're made of plastic. So, Get that small screwdriver and, while holding onto the wire you want to take out, pry the plastic up a little bit. Just enough so that you can get the wire out. Make sure you don't pry it up too far or for too long. Once you know how to take those wires out you won't have any problems. You switch the 5th wire with the 6th. Then you switch the 7th wire with the 8th. Those markings should help. Just do one set at a time. Don't take them all out at once.

^^See? The wire is out.

^^Once the wires are all switched, just put the board back. Top in first and then just snap the bottom back in.

^^The front is easy to get back on. Just snap it back on. Make sure you run the plug for the led board back through the hole. Once that's done, you just plug it back in. To put it back in easier, just turn the box so the back is near you. Like in the pic above. Get the plug partially in, as much as just pushing down on the wires will let you, and then use one finger and from the back, push down on one side, and then the other until its in all the way.

^^Time to put the right controller port back in. This is the crowded one. Just put the front of it in first and make sure it goes in all the way and all the way down so it will clear that annoying board.

^^Now plug in the controller port to the daughter board. It's a little tricky getting it in but it goes. Then put the left port in. It's easier. Make sure you put back all four screws.

^^NOw plug in the ide cable and the yellow cable to the dvd drive and set it back in the xbox. as seen below

^^Now, put the hdd back in. Make sure the power cable is through its notch and just set the hdd tray down in there until it fits nice and snug. Then plug in the power cable. Lastly, you screw back in that lonely screw.

^^Finished product. Without cover of course.

^^Now just go plug it in and behold the glory of the red light. Unless of course you did something wrong. Then you're totally screwed. No, depending on what happened, you might have just switched the wrong wires or not connected everything well enough.

^^See? It's not an error light!

Tutorial written by : snivlem



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