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Format a new HD through FTP (EvoX) (v0.2)

Tutorial written by : Cheule (updated for LBA48 + HD locking by XanTium)

A lot of people have had problems installing new HDs. Making a custom evox.ini can be confusing, and finding a Xbox HD format app can be hard. This tutorial shows you how to format a brand new HD with nothing more than a stock version of Evolution-X Dashboard on a CDRW or DVD-R.

If you are using a HD larger then 137gb you need a bios with LBA48 support flashed in your Xbox if you want to use all available space (else only 137gb will be accessible). All new bioses can have this feature ... if not by default you can add support for it with XBTool/EVTool.
There are 2 modes for LBA48 ... either gives all space to F: ('06') or give all space till 137gb to F: and all space that's left to G: ('67').
HD's smaller then 137gb do not need to worry about this, and of course they will also work fine on a bios with LBA48 support (in both modes all available space will be given to F:)

First, back up all your files from your C: and E: (and F: and G: if you had one) drives to your computer.

Install your new HD into the Xbox. It does NOT need to be formatted or prepared in any way. Just throw it in there.

Burn the EvoX dashboard to a CDRW or DVD-R (no CDRs). I suggest using the pre-made ISO Dummy images that can be found on the net. Dummy images are simply ISO images with 500+ MB of "dummy" data to force the EvoX data to the outer rim of the CDRW where it can be read easier. You might try to get evolutionx_3935_dummy_dhcp.rar (for DHCP network) or evolutionx_3935_dummy_static.rar (for static IP) or look around IRC.

Launch Evolution-X Dashboard off CDRW/DVD-R. If you drive doesn't read it the first time, don't give up. Turn the Xbox off completely while the disk is still in it, and then back on. If it doesn't boot again, keep trying. It may take a dozen or more tries.

With Evox Dash booted off CDRW/DVD-R, connect through FlashFXP (Windows) or Transmit (MacOS).

You will now need to send "Raw FTP Commands" with your FTP client. You may have to hunt through the pull down menus for an option called "send raw FTP command." Send the following "Raw FTP Command" with your FTP client:

Formatpath \Device\Harddisk0\Partition1

The FTP app will echo a hard drive key (later referred to as 'the number') (display a long number in a dialog box). Use that key for the next command.

FormatDrive 'the number' (no quotes)

Do the same as above for the next few raw commands:

Formatpath \Device\Harddisk0\Partition2
FormatDrive 'the number'
Formatpath \Device\Harddisk0\Partition6
FormatDrive 'the number'

If you are using a +137gb drive and you flashed your xbox with a bios with LBA48 support with upto 137gb to F: rest to G: (also called '67' or '6+7' or 'F+G'). You will also have to run this command to format your G: drive:

Formatpath \Device\Harddisk0\Partition7
FormatDrive 'the number'

Your drive is now formatted and ready to use. The X:, Y:, and Z: drives are made automagically.

All you need to do now, is get Evox on the HD. FTP the "default.xbe" from your D: to your computer. Then rename the file to "evoxdash.xbe" and FTP it back to the C:. Then copy the "evox.ini" from the D: to your computer and then back to the C:. Pull your CDRW/DVD-R out, and reboot.

Then you can FTP all your contents of your backed up drive from your computer to the Xbox.

Tell EvolutionX you have a F: drive:
Go to 'System Utils', then 'Settings', scroll down to 'Use F Drive' and put it to 'Yes' if it's not already done.
(If you have a +137gb HD and you chose for the '67' mode (F + G drive) put 'Use G Drive' to 'Yes' too else leave it on 'No').

Lock your HD:
It's a good idea to 'lock' your HD. If your HD is not locked you will not be able to boot your Xbox with modchip disabled (so you can't go on Xbox LIVE anymore).
Some HD brands/models can not be locked ... there is no complete list ... so the only thing you can do it try to lock it and see if it works. (if it fails your HD will not be broken, so you don't risk anything).
Since EvolutionX build 3921 you can lock your HD directly in EvolutionX Just enable/add these lines in your evox.ini in your "root" menu:

Item "Lock Harddisk",@210
Item "Unlock Harddisk",@211

The [Action_10] and [Action_11] code at the bottom of the evox.ini file should be:


LogFile = "f:\lock.log"
Info "This function will lock your XBOX Harddisk"
Warning "You will now lock your XBOX harddisk and will be able"
Warning "to boot from an original XBOX bios"


LogFile = "f:\unlock.log"
Info "This function will unlock your XBOX Harddisk"
Warning "You will now unlock your XBOX harddisk and will not be able"
Warning "to boot from an original XBOX bios"

Reboot and run the "Lock Harddisk" option and it will try to lock your HD.
If you have an older version of EvolutionX, get ConfigMagic (no download - 'cause build with XDK), launch it and run the "LOCK HD" option.

Tutorial written by : Cheule



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