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Xbox Homebrew Modchip with PC motherboard (v0.7)

Tutorial written by : XanTium

LEGAL NOTE: Opening your xbox will void your warranty , xbox-scene.com takes NO responsibility for whatever might happen.This modification can be illegal in your specific country , please check your local laws before using this guide.

What you need :
-a PC motherboard with a socketed BIOS.
-a PDIP 32-pin FlashROM (for example 29F020(2Mbit) , 29F040(4Mit) or 29F080(8Mit)).
-a flash program like this one (uniflash) (check if your motherboard is supported).
-an Xbox BIOS images (for legal reasons we can't post it here)

Cut BIOS image
The BIOS images is 8Mbit (1024kbyte) but infact it's 4x the image of an xbox BIOS , so just 256kbyte is needed. So if you use a 2Mbit you will have to split the image in 4, if you use a 4Mbit chip you'll have to split it in 2. (if you use a 8Mbit chip you don't have to split the image).
Windows Commander is an example of a program that can split files exactly ... there are many others thought.
When the image is cut , use the "last one" to flash the chip. (if you split in 4 , you take the 4th image and if you split in 2 you take the 2nd).

Remove PC BIOS and put it back
Just remove the PC BIOS from the socket once (when the pc is off) and put it back in , this will make sure the BIOS chip will be "easy" to remove later.

Check BIOS settings
Restart your PC (with the PC BIOS in the socket) , enter the BIOS settings and make sure your PC will cach the BIOS image to its RAM after booting (it should be an option somewhere in your BIOS settings , often called something similar to "cacheable BIOS") , else your PC will not like you to remove the BIOS while the PC is running.

Flash the BIOS chip.
Boot your pc in DOS and go to the location where uniflash is placed. Now remove the PC BIOS (yeah , while the pc is running) and insert the new chip you bought. Now type "uniflash -e C:\location\of\xboxbios.bin"

Wire the chip
Use our diagrams to wire your chip : ownmade mod diagrams

you're done :)

Tutorial written by : XanTium

sources : xboxhacker



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