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Simple way to install games and apps to the xbox hard drive (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : Titanium_apple

Ok, this guide is a basic one, but fully working and tested.

I am assuming you have already got Evolution-X (preferably one of the latest versions), working and installed on the xbox hard drive. First things first, ftp (connect) to your xbox through your pc (i used 'flashfxp'). Then, open the E:/ partition in your xbox.

Now, you will probably see 3 folders, 'CACHE', 'TDATA' and 'UDATA' (that is, if you haven't already added anything to this directory - i have added 2 more folders, but you'll see why later)

Leave these alone.

Now, all you have to do, is make a folder called "Apps" and a folder called "Games" in the E:/ partition. Then, all you have to do is open either folder (double-click) and fill it with games or apps (or both)!

Turn off your xbox and restart it.

To access the games/apps you have put onto your xbox hard drive, go to 'launch menu' on the evolution-x (evox) main menu (it's at the bottom), and open it. You should then see 2 folders, 'Apps' and 'Games'. To access whatever you put in these folders, open either folder then load up the programs inside........simple!

4 step simplified guide

1. Open E:/ partition on xbox hdd using pc
2. Add 2 folders to E:/ partition, 'Apps' and 'Games'
3. Open these folders and fill with apps/games
4. Restart xbox and go to 'launch menu', then choose your game or application

Tutorial written by : Titanium_apple



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