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Xbox jewel sanding and polishing Guide (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : TykSak @ ModZone.dk (posted here with permission)
Last edited: September 2, 2003

First of you need to take out your jewel preferably without braking it remove the metal shielding then heat the jewel from the back until it gets warm on top (just warm to the touch) then you can use a small screwdriver to lift it and then slide something like a butter knife (for better control) under it and lift it off (be carefull not to scratch the case)

Heating can be done with a hair dryer, steam or many other ways just dont use anything that can/will melt the plastic and ALWAYS heat from the backside to avoid discoloration on the top

To get the black adhesive of the back of the jewel just put the jewel in a cool place for a couple of minutes then youll be able to remove it in one big piece in seconds.

If you get some adhesive tape and make a "handle" and glue/hotmelt the sandpaper to a hard flat surface, it

will give you better control and let you apply more pressure when sanding.

Fold the tape and place it over the jewel

Cut the excess tape

When preparing the sandpaper only use hotmelt in the corners, the "sanding area" needs to be flat

If you have deep scratches in your jewel you will need to start with a low grit sandpaper
(360 grit)

When the scratches are more or less switch to a higher grit until all the scratches are gone
(600 grit)

A little more sanding
(1200 grit)

(1200 grit with water)

The jewel should now look something like this

If you want it crystal clear you need to polish it
Get a piece of paper and tape it to a flat hard surface

Now grab you favorite toothpaste no this is not a joke the toothpaste will work like a high grit sandpaper.
Dab the jewel in the paste a couple of times so it will even out over a larger area, now "sand" away.

The end result is a nice and crystal clear jewel.

Tutorial written by : TykSak @ ModZone.dk



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