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How to Install Linux on your XBOX, Boot it from EVOX menu and keep the contents of your F Drive (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : Splouce

Important: This document is outdated.
It is only kept online for historical reasons.

What you need BEFORE you start:

* Copy of Ed’s Live CD 0.0.5 (xbox-linux.sourceforge.net , in the downloads)
*A modded xbox (any chip will work, F drive is not required)
* Some basic Linux Knowledge
* A home networking setup WITH internet access
* Winrar or file extracter
* ISOBUSTER or another ISO extracter
* Fireburner or other ISO burning prog
* (i.e. Router, or hub with ICS, or direct internet connection with ICS and 2 netowrk cards)
* OPTIONAL – USB Keyboard and mouse ( need this is u want to run X)

Now this tutorial is just an adaption of 2 other tutorials, and personal experience. This worked for me and I am there trying to pass along the information as I see it. This has not been extrensively tested and the long term effects are still unknown. This is best performed assuming u may lose data, but until now I have not yet noticed a problem. I take no responsibilty for any data loss or damage caused by following this tutorial.


Once downloaded u can unpack the tar.bz2 with Winrar or another uncompression util of your choice.

Open the .iso with ISOBUSTER or similar prog, and extract the file hddboot_fatx.iso. Open the hddboot_fatx.iso and extract the contents to a folder called Linux on your PC. Then burn the original 0.0.5 iso with fireburner when finished, take note of your computer settings log the IP, SUBNET MASK, and GATEWAY, these will be used to setup linux later.


Now there r 2 routes: keyboard in the xbox, or SSH remote session, I’ll explain how to do both.

Keyboard Method

Boot the cd-rw with Ed’s LIVE cd 0.0.5 on it and it should begin to boot linux.

Ok now login
Username: root
Password: xbox

Now at the prompt u should have access to the system. Now first thing u want to do it change the network info , so later apt-get can reach the internet to install packages.

cd /etc/network
nano interfaces

Now u should see your network setting, take the setting u grabbed form your pc and set the network so your XBOX has access to the internet. To do this make the XBOX IP something in the 192.168.x.x range with subnet and gateway should be the address of the PU or router giving internet access to the network.

Now you need to restart the network
Ifdown eth0
Ifup eth0

This shutsdown and restarts the network, u will now be using the new ip and should be able to reach the net

Ping –c 4 google.ca

It should start replying 4 times then stop. If u got something else request timed out or host unreachable, you need to look over your network settings again.

SSH Method

Now since u cannot gain access to change the xbox settings yet…you’ll have to change the setting of your PC to allow access to the xbox. The default settings are:


This may work for some, but won’t for most, specially if have a router, or complicated home network. You should change your network setting in windows( I won’t get into this, if u don’t know, READ) to reflect the network. Set your PC to the following:

Gateway: your internet gateway(i.e. router IP or 2nd nic card if using ICS)

There are many other ways to configure it , but this should do the trick it worked for me when I tested it. Now u should be able to SSH in.
Once at the prompt :

Username: root
Password: xbox

Now if u wish follow the directions in Keyboard method to change the IP of your machine so you can set your other stuff back if you changed it, and still have it work. I won’t go into detail since it’s already documented.

Now test the connection to the internet:

Ping –c 4 google.ca

It should reply 4 times , if not, double check your settings and keep trying till it works.


Now that we have internet and we can start the install:

Type: XBOXLinuxInstall (CASE SESITIVE)

And it should launch setup

Select OPTION 1 : to Install in the game partition, this option won’t overwrite your f drive, instead it creates 2 files on E: rootfs and swap. So Select option 1, only pick option 2 if u don’t care of u lose your data, you have been warned.

Next select swap size 256 in good
Next select Partition size 2000-3000 is good, I wouldn’t recommend any more, may interfere with saves.. music.

Then wait, this takes a bit, u will probably get a bunch of Interupt errors, this is normal and happens to everyone just let it run and when u are back at the prompt, shut ur down and remove the boot disc, now boot your box and u should see sweet ol EVOX, now head back to your PC.


Remember the hddboot_fatx.iso I told u to extract? Well now it comes into play. FTP to your xbox and upload the Linux folder to whever u want, I put mine in the f:\apps folder to prove my f drive works.

Now when u go back to your xbox, reset to let the autolaoder do it’s thing, then bang u should now have linux in yoru evo-x menu. J SWEEET

Launch it off and u should see that cute little penguin load right over the evo-x menu, and your now back to the console. Log in whoever u do this (SSH or keyboard) and u can now start to download packes and personalize your install.

If for some reason it won’t boot properly, it took me a couple tries to get it to work, try this: copy all files to the C: drive and rename your xboxdash.xbe to xboxdash1.xbe and rename the default.xbe for linux to xboxdash.xbe ( or whatever your boot file is..i.e. yboxdash, or evoxdash) see if it boots, it should, then since u know it boots copy the files back to the E: or F: into the appropriate folder, if not then something may be wrong with your files. You can always burn the hddboot_fatx.iso to cd-rw and it works from there as well. From what I’ve heard SSH may not work when booting from HD so for those with no keyboard you may have to boot from CD-RW.

Type: apt-get update

And let it go, it should start filing through the different debian sites to update it’s cataloge. If u get errors about localhost:9999 not found, your internet connection isn’t working, go back to step 2 and get your network back up, u can’t go any further without it.

Once that is run

Type: apt-get install x-window-system

It will ask u a Y/n question about whter to install or not, say YES or y

Then away it goes, now WAIT this takes a while depending on your connection when it is done it will ask u questions, just ignore them and hit enter all the way through. Once finished, you should be back at the prompt.

cd /usr/lib/xbox
XF86Config-4 /etc/X11 ( as always CASE SENSITIVE) get used to it it’s Linux J
it will ask u if u want to overwrite, say yes
now type:


and it should fire into X, but now u will definetly need a keyboard and mouse. From here u can install any app u want by using apt-get install [package]

for instance, upgrade your X to the fabulous KDE 3.0 by typing apt-get install
kdebase answer yes to everything, then apt-get install kdm, select kdm to be the default X windows system and answer the it for some reason seems to repeat itself, but tell it again to make kdm the default and pow it will boot into kde3 and will do so from now on , at bootup J

to shutdown yoru system type:

shutdown –h now

and it will begin to halt. It won’t shutoff the xbox, so u have to get up to turn it off, but as soon as u do it will boot back to EVOX and hey maybe I’ll play some MAME-X off my F Drive.. it’s your choice cause now u have both

Credits go out to Robot] and Edgar Hucek, for writing the first tutorials , I just found a few probs that I hoped I addressed in my version to make it easier for the newbies.

Tutorial written by : Splouce


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