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How to make an Xbox iso file (v0.2)

Tutorial written by : XanTium

Important: This document is outdated.
It is only kept online for historical reasons.

There are several programs to make xbox iso files , but xiso by Yursoft is one of the easiest to use. You can download it from our tools>scene page.

Open XISO :

Go to "Tools>Make a xISO"

Select the directory on your PC Harddrive where the files are. All files in that directory and subdirectories will be added in the iso file.
Make sure there's a "default.xbe" in the root of the directory.
Then click on "Open"

This new window will pop-up.
Select where you want to save the xISO file. Make sure there is enough space left on your device.
Give a name for the iso file in the "File name:" form. Then click on "Save".

If you are making an iso of a big util/game it can take some time to make the iso file.
Once the iso file has been created , xISO will confirm.

Your isofile is ready and you can now burn it with Prassi PrimoDVD (tutorial) or Nero.

Tutorial written by : XanTium



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