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How to MAP XBOX Drives Accessible in Windows Explorer with Windows XP (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : AK_Sniper

To begin all you need is

* Modded XBOX w/ EvolutionX Dashboard installed.
* Windows XP

1. Make sure your XBOX is already connected to your network or PC. Power up your XBOX and let EvolutionX boot to the menu.

2. In Windows XP, right-click on "My Network Places" and go to "Map Network Drive...". When the dialog box appears, click on "Sign up for online storage or connect to a network server." at the bottom.

3. Now with the "Add Network Place Wizard" click on "Next >", then it will search for online providers (takes a few seconds and is of no use to us). When it is done, click on "Choose another network location" and click on "Next >". Now in that dropdown box, write ftp://xbox:<pass>@<xbox ip>:21 where <pass> is the password you specified in EvolutionX (If you did not change the password, the default is "xbox") and <xbox ip> is the IP of your XBOX. After click on "Next >", it will ask you for a name, you enter whatever you want it to show in "My Network Places". I simply put "XBOX", then click on "Next >" then "Finish".

4. Now when you go in Windows Explorer you can see something like this.

Tutorial written by : AK_Sniper



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