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Matrix external SPST pushbutton switches with switch indicators and mode indicators (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : susan k.
Last edited: July 30, 2003

By reading below you agree to follow the disclaimer that everyone else has put on their tutorials :-)

What you need:

-Soldering iron
-Xodus/Matrix modchip
-4 LEDs, 3mm or 5mm, any color
-2 SPST switches, Pushbutton or Toggle, optional
-7 log strands of braided wire 6 inches at least *6 inches of wire will be plenty to work with*
-4 short strands of same wire, 1 inch at least.
I got my wires from an IDE Cable and it worked great.

Locate these solder points on your Xodus modchip.

Prep: Heat up the soldering iron and have your switches, LEDs, and wire ready along with some solder
Step 1: Take 3 long strands and strip the ends. Now twist the ends together so you have one big strand of bare braided wire.
Step 2: Solder the big strand on to the screw hole of the chip; make sure there isn’t a big glob of solder so you can still screw it into the motherboard.
Step 2 Optional: Solder one wire to each ground shown above and use splitter to split wire next to LEDs.
Step 3: Solder one long wire to each of the DIP1, DIP2, Red LED, & Green LED.
Notice below that the ground goes to the longer leg on switch 1 and to the shorter leg on switch 2, make it like this, it is easier to understand what is going on.*

Step 4: Use the 4 short wires to connect the switch indicators to.
Step 5: Connect the switches and LEDs to your xbox, you have to figure this part out because I don’t know if you would want to drill holes in your xbox or if you somehow haven’t voided your warranty and you don’t want to then you have to find someway.

The LEDs that are connected to the switches will turn on when the switch is turned in the on position and will turn off when switch is in off position.
The LEDs that are connected to the holes on the chip will indicate what mode it is in, green representing green and red representing red. Switch 1 represents DIP 1 and switch 2 represent DIP 2.

*Note: DIP switches must be in off position as shown in first picture. I got my switches and LEDs from http://www.futurlec.com *

Tutorial written by : susan k.



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