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How to make an MXM-skin from a MenuX-skin (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : Cofi

Skinning Hints
First of all if you want to make your own skins, get a good program to design the skins. I use Photoshop, but PaintShopPro is also a good program. But if you choose PaintShopPro be aware that when you save PNG's they wont be read by MXM, so you have to save them as JPG.

Why MXM?
MenuX is a hacked app, that means nothing can be improved or changed in the source code. MXM has a source code so if something is wrong it can be fixed. There's also a lot more of features that can be made with MXM. For example you can have wmv-files instead of pictures. So when you highlight a game a movie plays at the same time. Cool huh?

Download a MenuX-skin
First of all you need an MenuX-skin, you can get them from loads of places. If you are using Craxtion you can download it via the program. A good site is: http://www.allxboxskins.com if you make an nice skin you can upload it there.

Extract the Rar
Normally you get an rar with a bunch of files. The ones we are after are: Default.png
There might also be an wma file called ambient.wma, that is the BGM.
Wait and Screen are 640*480 pixles. Default is a image you can pic to show when you don't have a screenshot or a video from a game.

Download the default XML
I have edited the coordinates to match MenuX-skins. There might be some differences though. Just edit that in the XML. The default XML look like this:

- <Skin name="MenuX">
- <Information>
- <Delays>
- <Resource name="MenuUp" Type="Sound">
- <Resource name="MenuDown" Type="Sound">
- <Resource name="MenuLaunch" Type="Sound">
- <Music>
- <Resource name="fontb" type="font">
- <Resource name="fontn" type="font">
- <Resource name="menu" type="image">
- <Resource name="load" type="image">
- <Resource name="screenshot" type="image">
- <Resource name="logo" type="image">
- <Layout Screen="Menu">
- <LayoutElement type="image" source="menu">
<Position t="-20" l="0" w="640" h="480" />
<Scaling x="true" y="true" />
<Sound Enable="true" SuspendMusic="false" />
- <LayoutElement Type="image" source="screenshot">
<Position t="102" l="337" w="255" h="190" />
<Scaling x="true" y="true" />
<Sound Enable="true" SuspendMusic="true" />
<Justify x="center" y="center" />
- <LayoutElement type="menu" source="menux">
<Position t="80" l="70" w="220" h="235" />
<Scaling x="true" y="true" />
- <Layout Screen="Load">
- <LayoutElement type="image" source="load">
<Position t="10" l="15" w="640" h="480" />
<Scaling x="true" y="true" />
<Sound Enable="true" SuspendMusic="false" />
- <Layout Screen="Saver">
- <LayoutElement Type="ColorShiftBox">
<Pos t="0" l="0" w="640" h="480" />
- <Modifier Type="Throb" Target="ColorUL">
<Green Enable="true" Min="0" Max="255" Period="9987" />
<Red Enable="true" Min="0" Max="255" Period="9234" />
<Blue Enable="true" Min="0" Max="255" Period="9421" />
- <Modifier Type="Throb" Target="ColorLL">
<Green Enable="true" Min="0" Max="255" Period="9443" />
<Red Enable="true" Min="0" Max="255" Period="9123" />
<Blue Enable="true" Min="0" Max="255" Period="9356" />
- <Modifier Type="Throb" Target="ColorUR">
<Green Enable="true" Min="0" Max="255" Period="9286" />
<Red Enable="true" Min="0" Max="255" Period="9857" />
<Blue Enable="true" Min="0" Max="255" Period="9423" />
- <Modifier Type="Throb" Target="ColorLR">
<Green Enable="true" Min="0" Max="255" Period="9876" />
<Red Enable="true" Min="0" Max="255" Period="9536" />
<Blue Enable="true" Min="0" Max="255" Period="9445" />
- <LayoutElement Type="Image" Source="Logo">
<Pos l="351" t="143" w="220" h="150" />
<Scale x="true" y="true" />
<Justify x="center" y="center" />
- <Modifier Type="Pulse">
<Range x="10" y="10" />
- <Modifier Type="Bounce">
<Bounds l="15" t="10" b="470" r="630" />
- <LayoutElement Type="MatrixEffect">
<Pos t="0" l="0" w="640" h="480" />
- <Modifier Type="Throb" Target="Color">
<Green Enable="true" Min="0" Max="255" Period="6987" />
<Red Enable="true" Min="0" Max="255" Period="4123" />
<Blue Enable="true" Min="0" Max="255" Period="8345" />

Copy this code into Notepad (or any other program like notepad) and save the file as: MXM_skin.xml. There might be some variables you have to change. And you also need:
You can find these files in the MXM default skin: Matrix. If you want any specific BGM in your skin just place them in a folder called: MUSIC. The Background music should be in WMA-format, 96 kbps stereo prefered to lower the size a bit.

If you want videos playing when you highlight games. You should encode them to WMV8 for more help with this go to the forums. Link below.

You are pretty done after this. Just place all the files in a folder. But a good thing to do before you send it away, test it. Make an Multi-dvd with Craxtion. Choose MXM. Pick one small ISO, and get a screenshot of the game and choose that in Craxtion. It's very easy. You will get an ISO from that. Extract it and transfer to XBOX HDD or burn on a +-RW. Prefered to burn on RW if you can, because then you will get to the games at once. If you start from HDD you have to browse them via the e or f partition or where ever you transfered them. I hope I have explained everything so all of you understand. If you don't drop me an e-mail. Or you can visit the MXM-forum on the xbox-scene-forums. Link.

Many thanks to BenJeremy for the help and for making MXM.
I also want to thank the Craxtion team for their work, the multi-game-dvd is so much easier now. Craxtion Website.

Tutorial written by : Cofi



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