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Burn ISOs with Nero 4.x/5.x (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : XanTium

Nero can be used to burn CD-RWs , but newer versions of Nero will also allow to burn DVD-R/RWs.

Start Nero.
Select "Recorder" > "Choose Recorder"

Select the burner you want to use ... and click "OK".

Now go to "File" > "Burn Image"

Browse your HD and select the .iso file , then press "Open".
Althought normal iso's work , it's still better to use the "real" xbox format. You can read here how to make a xiso file

Select "Write" and "Finalize CD".
Don't put "Write Speed" too high ... max 2x (or 4x if you have a quality burner) for CD-RW and 1x for DVD-R/RW.
If you installed a PC DVD-ROM in your xbox you can burn at full speed ofcourse.

Nero will start burning .... leave your PC alone till the CD/DVD is fully burned.


If your Xbox can't read it (make sure you have a modchip installed , duh) try :
-put disc in drive , shutdown xbox and restart.
-put disc in drive and reset xbox
-install EvoX and add this line : Item "DVDROM Launch","d:\default.xbe" Now try to boot it from EvoX menu. Tutorial about Evox can be found here
-install a pc dvd drive : tutorial
-tweak your DVD-drive : tutorial


Tutorial written by : XanTium


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