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Adding a Power Button to an Xbox controller (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : SLAM-ER and Arven
Last edited: August 9, 2003

This mod will work on any Xbox console, with or without a mod-chip. It involves making modifications to both the controller and the Xbox console itself. If you try it then you will void your warranty. I take no responsibility for any damage caused by attempting this modification, hack at your own risk


This mod is very simple in theory, but it is a little fiddly to achieve. We are simply adding another power button to the console via an unused wire in the controller lead. It may render some of the functionality of the chosen game port and controller (none for a standard controller) as we need to disconnect the yellow wire (used for light guns etc).

Parts Required:

- Small momentary push button (closed when pressed, open when released).
- Short length of fine insulated wire (only 15cms or so)
- Glue (superglue or hot glue)
- Solder & soldering iron, and/or insulation tape to connect wires.
- Screwdrivers etc to open the Xbox and controller


click image for full view

1. Open the Xbox console (voiding your warranty)
2. Unplug the bunch of yellow wires that come from the front panel and remove the front panel which houses the power button.
3. Choose which port you will use the modified controller in, and disconnect it's yellow wire from the mainboard.
4. Solder the yellow wire onto one of the bottom legs of the main power button (not the eject button). You may need to extend it with some wire if it wont reach.
5. Reassemble the Xbox console (don't forget to reconnect the bunch of yellow wires first!)
6. Open up the controller you wish to modify.
7. Find a nice place to mount your new button (on the back near the middle is good), somewhere where you wont bump it accidentally. Make sure it will fit under the plastic and still fit back together afterwards!
8. Disconnect the yellow wire from the controller and connect it to one of the terminals of the new power button (again, you may need to extend the wire).
9. Connect a length of wire from the other terminal of the button to ground (where the sheath of the controller cable connects to the controller is ground)
10. Drill a hole and mount the button by however is necessary (glue etc)
11. Reassemble the controller and plug it into the modified port on the Xbox and test your button!

click image for full view

Remember the power button on the controller will only work in the port you modified.

Press it twice for RESET! (off then on again, duh!)

Tutorial written by : SLAM-ER and Arven



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