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Guide To A Dead Power Supply Fuse Replacement (v0.2)

Tutorial written by : smokeingit (from forums.xbox-scene.com)

**WARNING:: Some parts of the powersupply can give you electric shocks (even if powercord has been disconnected)! Only continue if you have a mininum amount of knowledge in electronics.**

There are more then 1 type of power supply for the xbox, so because of this they all use a different fuse. while most of them say 15a, some do say T3.15A so please take it to a radio shack or a place that deals with fuse's and have them help you. or at least read what the numbers say and follow them down to the tee.

So your xbox does not power on… why is that? Most common reason is because the fuse on the power supply ate it. I was doing some light project with my xbox and hit pos and neg. did that cost me some money. This is what you’re going to need.

1. Fuse rated at 15 amps, I got one from radio shack part number 270-1040
I recommend a fast acting fuse because of the high rate power supply the xbox uses.
Max voltage rate should be 250

2. You’re also going to need an inline because, you will need it because you’re going to have to clip the fuse out and replace it. Get any inline for the rated 15amp.

Now once you clip the 2 ends of the fuse, put the fuse in the inline.
When you clip the old fuse your will have 2 cut ends those are going to connected the inline. It does not matter which way they are connected as long as one end is connect to the inline and the other end is connected to the other inline.

I have a fox power supply so I had to solder the bottom part of the board to get my mod to work.
That’s it and should power up no problem.

Tutorial written by : smokeingit



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