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Burn ISOs with PrimoDVD (v0.4)

Tutorial written by : XanTium

PrimoDVD is recomended but you need a DVD-RW/CD-RW drive compatible with Veritas (ex-Prassi) PrimoDVD. Most companies will deliver PrimoDVD with your DVD-RW/CD-RW driver. You can check the official webpage of Veritas PrimoDVD here

If you don't have a DVD-RW/CD-RW burner compatible with PrimoDVD , you can try Padus discjuggler 4 or the latest version of Nero.

Start PrimoDVD
Select "Go To Full Application"

Under Drive highlight the DVD-RW/CD-RW drive you want to use to burn your iso.
Then press on the 3th icon if you start from the left.

Now press on the "..." to browse your HD. (select iso file).

Make sure to select "Other images ..." under "Files of type".
Standard PrimoDVD will only look for .gi files.

Select the .iso file and press "Open"

Press on the icon indicated below and make sure the settings are :
Recording Type : Disc at Once (DAO) , Closed
Mode and blocking : CD Mode1 (Blocking 2048) - DVD

Double click on the burner you want to use. (on the left side)
Under "Jobs" one job should be listed. Press "F6" to start burning.

Wait ... it can take some time if image is big.
When it's done try to boot it in your Xbox.
Note : it's 100% normal you can't read the disc in your PC drive. (due the UDF format).

If your Xbox can't read it (make sure you have a modchip installed , duh) try :
-put disc in drive , shutdown xbox and restart.
-put disc in drive and reset xbox
-install EvoX and add this line : Item "DVDROM Launch","d:\default.xbe" Now try to boot it from EvoX menu. Tutorial about Evox can be found here
-install a pc dvd drive : tutorial
-tweak your DVD-drive : tutorial


Tutorial written by : XanTium


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