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Speed up your PC -> XBOX connection (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : eclone
Last edited: November 17, 2003

I had the problem of getting quite slow speeds uploading and downloading to my Xbox.
Usually I got only 2-3 Mb/sec, sometimes only 100-200k !! :(

The tutorial below describes how to fix this using the FXP protocol and the build in FTP server in EvolutionX.

Best physical connection to use is a good (CAT5) crosslink cable, but a hub or switch should work fine too, make sure they can handle 100Mbit network speed of course ;)

The solution is to use the FXP protocol instead of the FTP protocol to transfer the data from and to your PC.
FXP is a protocol that makes it possible to send data from server to server, also known as the ‘server to server’ protocol.
First you've got to set up a FTP server on your pc, I prefer using Serv-U FTP because it is easy to use ;)
It can be downloaded here: http://www.serv-u.com

Next we've got to set up an account here, follow the 'getting started' guide by clicking help if you're not familiar with this program.

Now we've got to make a little change in the default Flashfxp settings…
The connection to Home FTP can have all default flashfxp settings, for the XBOX connection we’ve got to select the alternative (FXP) method to NOT PASV (see picture below).

Now we can connect to both servers and test the speed…
I’m getting over 9000KBps now ;)

There are other things that can slow down you transfer speeds too:
· Bad connectors or damaged cables.
· Collisions, caused by more PCs trying to send information over the network.
· A busy or slow processor.
· An old/slow hard disk.
· Laptop network speeds are usually limited by the PCMCIA bus speed.

Things described above can’t be solved by doing the things I described in this tutorial, so please make sure your problem isn’t caused by any of those !

Have fun !

Tutorial written by : eclone



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