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Splitting a 1024kb bios into 256kb (v0.2)

Tutorial written by : HondaXbox & J.K.

For Windows Users (by HondaXbox)

1. You will need to download win-hex here
2. Open the bin file you wish to split by going to File à Open
3. Then go to Edit -> Go To type in 262144 select dec and from end of file

4. Then click edit à select block 262144, dec and Size of Block

5. Then Edit -> Copy
6. Then File -> New
7. Then Edit -> Paste
8. and last save image as a bin file

For Linux Users (by J.K.)

To split a 1 megabyte BIOS file you may execute:

cat bios_filename.bin | split -b 256k - foo

The "bios_filename.bin" is the file name of your 1 MB BIOS file. The name
"foo" is the file name of your split files. The split command will append a
two letter suffix to each split file. After you execute the command you will
have four files. They will be named fooaa, fooab, fooac, and fooad. The
final file fooad is the one that you should use to program your MOD chip.


Tutorial written by : HondaXbox & J.K.



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