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Connect a normal PC DVD-drive on your Xbox (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : kurty

Welcome to this tutorial.

We’ll learn how to add a dvd-player, to eliminate the problems of incompatibility with cd-r s of our xbox.

What do we need:

-1 xbox modded
-1 screwdriver flat (3 euro)
-1 screwdriver TORX number 15
-a dvd reader setted to SLAVE
-1 Y feeding cable

take the dvd-reared and set it on slave

With the flat screwdriver, raise up the supports:

then unscrew the 4(+2) screw

Now we have our Xbox naked! Here’s the result:

Unplug the hard-disk feeding cable

And connect it to the Y feeding cable

Plug one extremity to the new dvd-reader, the other to the hard-disk

Now unplug the original dvd-reader cable and plug it on the new dvd-reader

That is what you’ll have

Plug now the feeding and the video cable to the xbox, and check if evolution X (or another dashboard) works correctly

Enjoy yourself, using all cd-rs you want!

To play a back up game, make like the following:

Insert nothing in the xbox-drive.
Open the PC drive and insert disc.
Close the PC drive.
Reset Xbox. (reset button or "reboot xbox" in EvoX).
Game should launch , if not , try METHOD2.

Eject the xbox drive (<-- Xbox drive!!)
Insert the CD-r/rw or DVD-r/rw disc in the PC drive (<-- PC drive !!)
Close the xbox drive with an original xbox game inside. (<-- Xbox drive!!)


I thanks Xbox-Tribe and xbox-scene for the support I needed!

I’m not responsable of any possible demage to your xbox, and this tutorial is against illegal copy of games!

Tutorial written by : kurty



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