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How to switch between 2 network configurations (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : Slomer

This is a fairly simple and straightforward tutorial aimed mainly at those people with dynamic i.p. addresses who are tired of switching from their normal network configuration to their xbox network configuration manually. If you don't know what I am talking about you probably do not need to read this. If your the type of person who sets evoX to a static i.p. in order to save time then this tutorial is probably for you.

This tutorial assumes the following:

1. You have Evox set up and know how to use it to connect via ftp. There is a tutorial on this already.
2. You are using win2k or XP . I do not know wether this will work with other windows versions and do not plan to install any to find out.
3. You do not need to be baby talked through things.

First you want to create a directory under c: I will assume for simplicity sake that you are going to use c:\quickipswitch but you can use anything. First as your network is already set up for normal everyday use open up run from the start menu and type this...

netsh -c interface dump > c:\quickipswitch\normal.txt

Now that you have made your normal config file you need to make one for your xbox config. Switch everything around just like you were going to ftp to your xbox and then in the run line type this...

netsh -c interface dump > c:\quickipswitch\xbox.txt

Now you need to make a couple of .bat files. I assume you know what a .bat file is but if not it is simply a text file with another extension that microsoft's OSes understand as a macro file.

Make a bat file called normal.bat containing the following line..

netsh -f c:\quickipswitch\normal.txt

Now you can probably already guess what is next.. I told you this was straightforward. Make a bat file called xbox.bat containing the following line...

netsh -f c:\quickipswitch\xbox.txt

Now to switch to normal use you simply run normal.bat and to switch to xbox use you simply run xbox.bat Your done. If you want to get a little bit fancier though You can make another .bat file called xboxftp.bat containing the following.

netsh -f c:\quickipswitch\xbox.txt
netsh -f c:\quickipswitch\normal.txt

In this example the middle line is for ws ftp. You would of course replace this line with whatever ftp client or program you want to run. The way that XP works with bat files it will switch you to your xbox network config and then run your ftp client. It will then halt and wait for that ftp client to close before finishing the .bat file and then switching you automagically back to normal network config. I assume 2k is the same way. However, I am not sure of any OS but XP on this one and once again don't intend to check.

Of course you could then make shortcuts to these .bat files and put them on your desktop, quick bar, start bar, etc. Personally I have them in my start menu and have keyboard shortcuts assigned to them. To do this you right click an icon in your start menu and click properties. Find shortcut key to assign it a keyboard shortcut. This is an often overlooked feature of every major windows OS since 95.

I hope this saves someone some time.

Tutorial written by : Slomer



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