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Flashing The Xbox’s TSOP with a gen1/2 modchip (v0.6)

Tutorial Written By : SniperKilla

This tutorial will explain how to flash the xbox’s onboard tsop without removing it.

What you need :

Xbox with any modchip installed (you need a classic (29/11 wire modchip) , you can NOT flash the onboard modchip when you have a LPC modchip (openxbox , x-ecuter , xodus , ...) installed).
Evolution X Installed to the xbox’s harddrive
Soldering iron
2 SPST Switches

Allright the first thing you may ask why?
Well if you have a modchip currently installed, and want to use a bigger harddrive, your only option is to remove the mod, reflash the eeprom with the evo2.2 bios, then reinstall it.

Untill now,
This way will show you how to flash the xbox’s onboard tsop with the evo2.2 bios, allowing you to remove your mod completely.

First thing you need to do is open your xbox, and on the top of the board look for a area that looks like this. (ignore all other points and text on the pictures)

top v1.0 / v1.1 xbox

top v1.2 xbox with Winbond

Where the arrow is pointing (v1.0/v1.1 picture) or in the red circle (v1.2 picture), there are 2 small squares of solder, you want to bridge the 2 squares together by dropping a small amount of solder between them. Or you can connect them with a wire , eventually with a switch if you want. (so you can easily disable/enable TSOP write access).

Also notice the brand of chip above these points, as you can see the one in this picture (v1.0/v1.1) is a ST chip.

Now do the same for the bottom of the board.

bottom v1.0 / v1.1 xbox

bottom v1.2 xbox with Winbond chip

WARNING! If you have a v1.0/v1.1 with a Sharp TSOP (brand of the chip) , you have to do an additional link on the back of your xbox motherboard (link TSOP.p11 to +5V).

That will enable write access to the tsop.

Now you will need a way to disable the modchip while the xbox is running, my suggestion would be to install a switch to each wire listed below so that the modchip can be easily disabled.

For Xtender, install a switch on wires 10 & 19
For Enigmah install a switch on wires 15 & 21
For a homemade modchip, install a switch on wires 16, 32, and the wire you link to 32

Leave Both Switches Closed or “on” so the mod functions normally.

Now your ready to flash.

Load up evolutionx 1.8.2594.

Ftp to your xbox, and upload your bios .bin file into /C/Bios/ it must be a 1mb bin.

Restart your system, once evox has loaded, flip the switches or cut the wires to disable the modchip, then go to system utils, then Flash BIOS. You will be presented with a list of the .bin files in /C/Bios/ pick the one you want to flash with. Then you will see one of the following screens.

If you see the top one, your jumpers aren’t don’t correctly. Go back and recheck them. If you see the bottom one, your clear to go, hit Y, it will say erasing, that will take about 30 seconds, then it will show a progress bar, after that finishes it will say your xbox will now be shutdown. Once it shuts down leave the modchip off and turn on the xbox to verify it works.

If you followed everything you should have a xbox that will now play backups without a modchip installed.

That’s all

SniperKilla (pgh.cop@verizon.net)

Thanks Goes to:
^101, Nghtshd, Bender12 and visor who all helped me with this information.

Tutorial Written By : SniperKilla


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