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Easily add a USB port to your Xbox (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : Jman11587

This modification requires no soldering and DOES NOT do any damage to your Xbox case. Also all 4 controller ports will still be fully functional.

This mod will simply add a USB port to your Xbox for the use of connecting USB devices in conjunction with Xbox-linux.


(1) USB wire extension(got mine with usb hub)

(2) Electrical tape
(3) Scissor


(1) Hot glue gun
(2) Needle nose pliers
(3) USB hub (if you want to hook up more than 1 device, ex. Mouse and keyboard, recommended)

STEP 1: preparation

The first thing you want to do is prepare the USB wire. Cut the wire at the spot closest to male side, leaving as much wire attached to the female side. Now all you have to do is strip the main wire and the 4 colored wires inside. Strip the main wire back about 2 1/2 inches and each color wire 1/2 inch. Then tape the end of the wire so it can be feed through the case easily.

STEP 2: take apart your Xbox

First remove the outside case. Then remove the hard drive and DVD drive tray. After that u can remove the power supply. Then you can remove the 3 & 4 controller ports from the case for now. You can now feed the USB female wire into the case from the outside under neither the controller port 4, the 3rd slot from the right. (check the pics ahead to see what I mean) You’ll then pull it through the case with the pliers, or just keep working it with your hands.

WARNING!!! Do not pull it through too hard or you will wreck the wire, be careful and go slow.

STEP 3: prepare the controller port wires

This is where you cut and strip the controller port wires. First remove the rubber casing around the bally thing of the 4th controller. Next, feed the wire through the metal ring until the ring is all the way at the top of the wires. Then, cut the wires as close to the ring as possible. Now u can remove the ring. Then carefully strip the 10 total wires (2 of each color)

STEP 4: connect the wires

Now all that has to be done is the connecting and taping of the wires. First connect the two yellow wires by placing them together and twisting them firmly together. Wrap a 1/2 inch piece of tape around the metal part of the wire (totally covering the whole metal part, and overlapping over the covered part). Now do this same process for the remaining wires, connecting each wire with there matching colors.

You should now have a total of 5 bundles of wires. You can then tape them all together into a single bundle.

You can now replace the controller port back into the case. Also put the power supply back in and hook it up.

Congrats! You are now finished with the initial moding. The only thing left to do is putting everything back together and then if you want, the optional stuff.

Once the case is back together the hot glue then comes in handy. Situate the wire so that it is pointing toward the side of the case. Now place a small amount of hot glue on the connector part of the USB cable and secure it to the case.

You are now finished! Get a copy of xbox-linux and get ready to rock it!

Throughout this tutorial, if you have a soldering iron and some skill, you can use it in place of the tape.

Good luck guys, and have fun!

Tutorial written by : Jman11587



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