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Water Cooling the Xbox (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : Bs15
Last edited: August 25, 2003

I just recently re-did my whole water cooling system on my main computer and had some parts left over from my first water cooling setup, so I decided to install it to my xbox.

What you need?

-General knowledge of water cooling
-12v 4pin pump
-4 pin Y connector
-4 pin to 3 pin converter
-Thermal Compound
-Water block with clamps
-4 small circle magnets
-PC Case fan
-Water resevoir
Picture of parts below:


The Installation

Step one:
Take case off of xbox and remove dvd drive. Tutorial for this can be found on xbox-scene.com.
Step two:
Assemble the water cooling setup you plan to use. This particular setup was actually a kit I bought from a company called Aquafini, a long since dead company I think. I found it perfect because the water block fits nice on the intel cpu the xbox has. Any water cooling kit you get will somewhat resemble the one I will be using below:

You can see the pump, radiator, resevoir, and water block. I'm using just normal tap water with a green black light reflective additive which you can find at www.glowbottles.com. You can find reviews of other water cooling kits just like this by searching around on www.overclockers.com Make sure you read the instructions completly before apply the kit to the xbox

Step three:
Take 4 small circle magnets and place them on the side of the xbox, the side the power supply is on as shown below:

Take radiator and place the side of it on the magnets, securly hooking it to the side of the xbox as shown below:

Step four:
Get the pump situated behind the radiator/xbox shown below:

Step five:
Apply Y-connector to the 4 pin connector that hooks to your xbox hard drive. The Y-connecter is shown below:

Plug in the 4 pin to 3 pin converter to one of the ends of the Y-connecter and the on the other end plug in the pumps power connector.
Step six:
Take off heatsink that sits atop the cpu. Pull the clamp up and then push the end out and up. A lot easier done than typed!
After you have removed the old heatsink apply some thermal compound to the underside of the water block, not too much, but not too little, just a little square spot where the cpu makes contact with block. I use artic silver 3, and thats the brand I recommend, I'm sure others work well too. Place water block on cpu and secure firmly with water block clamp shown below:

Step seven:
Always place the resevoir of water above the pump and radiator. I used an empty container upside down to have it sit on top of like in the picture below:

Step eight:
Take the pc case fan and mount on to the radiator, I used the xbox screws to hold it into place. Plug the fan into the 3 pin convertor thats hooked to the Y-Connector as shown below:

Step nine:
Replace dvd drive into xbox and hook up xbox hard drive. I have my hard drive sitting behind the xbox in a hard drive case. Its perfect for moving the location of the hard drive.
Step ten:
Check and re-check all connections to make sure everything is setup right, theres nothing worse than a burnt up cpu. Once its clear, turn on xbox and let the rest take care of itself and now that heat isnt much of an issue, play for hours on end! Completed project shown below with all parts properly labeled.



For those who are interested, here is my newest water cooling system on my main computer, it contains a pond pump, mini chiller, a heater core out of a 1968 LTD car, and a danger den water block shown below:

Tutorial written by Bs15. I can be found on efnet if you wish to speak to me, thanks and good luck!

Tutorial written by : Bs15



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