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How to Make a USB cable for your xbox and a Controller cable for your PC (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : MtG 2k
Last edited: September 15, 2003

First things first
Here are the supplies you will need
A.) A Soldering Iron / Pencil (whatever floats your boat)
B.) Some Solder
C.) Extra wire (just in case) use about 30 AWG *OPTIONAL*
D.) Electric Tape (Nice for making sure wires dont touch)
E.) A Standard Xbox Breakaway Cable (Gamestop and Target Sell these)
F.) A USB Extension Cable
G.) A Driver for the controller (if you are going to make that cable of course)

Ok Now that that's out of the way on to the tutorial
First Take your break away cable and cut where shown in the picture

If you plan on making 2 cables (one for usb to xbox and another for xbox to PC cut both lines
(Cuz that thing in the middle is a bitch to cut)
Next you want to get the wires out of there so VERY VERY CAREFULLY take some scissors and cut just enough off (not the whole thing just the sheathing.)
Undo the foil wrap if any (some connectors have this some dont)
Next strip off a little bit of the wires to the point of where you can stil tell the color of the casing and have wire to solder to.
Ok, now that we have that prepped and ready to go onto the next step
Take your USB Extension Cable, and cut it directly in half
do the same thing with the USB cable as you did with the Xbox Breakaway
Cut away some of the sheathing, then get those wires out and stripped so you can solder to them,
and still see the color of the wire.
Next comes the fun part match up the wires in color and solder them together
(this is where i told you to have extra wire because it allows you to have more space to work with instead of holding the wires together.
Once you have soldered all the wires that match you will be left with a Yellow wire from the xbox breakaway
Well my friend you dont do anything with it, just leave it
Now my reccomendation is that once you make a nice solid solder connection use some electrical tape and cover it up so that there is no bare wire exposed
Allright! Huzzah! and whatever else you might want to say that makes you happy.
You now have the cable you wanted for whatever reason whether its to Play Grand theft auto 3 on your PC with your Xbox Controller S that you love so dearly
or to plug in a keyboard to your XBOX and actually TYPE ON PSO or run xbox Linux
Congrats! and Enjoy!

Tutorial written by : MtG 2k



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