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Install Xbox Live with Evo-X installed as xboxdash.xbe (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : ojrman

- I do not take any responsibility to anyones xbox if you mess it up, it worked for me so injoy
- 19 pictures total if i can remember correctly so be pacient for them to load.
- If any of you do not understand anything please feel free to post your comments.
- To contact me my email is Ojrman@hotmail.com and my S/n for aol is Numba1ojrstud
- also ENJOY!!!!!


Well here I go as best I can to explain this:

1. First off i was playin Whacked with my g/f, she totally hated the game b/c she couldn't figure the dam thing out. Anyways.....

2. I went to Battle Mode.

3. Than I seen that it said "Xbox Live"

4. I hit "A" on it and it brought me to

5. I hit "A" again and

6. Now after its done installing xbox live it will bring you to the register junk with xbox live. I couldnt continue b/c i dont have my xbox live beta code yet so I have to wait till than, Anyway just keep hitting "B" or whatever brings you back intill you reach you MS XBOX DASH with the new option of "Xbox Live"

7. hmmmm now ive herd stories where people coudn't connect to thier xbox after they installed xbox live and so fourth but from what I did I still could. Well Now that im at the MSdash I put in my Evox burned cd with evox on it and waited for it to load.

^^ dont worrie about the MS Xbox Dash ill tell you how to add that in the .ini

8. Once it loads you will see your files changed a little in you C: partition, You will now see a new folder called "xboxdashdata. 10027100" and "xodash"

click picture to enlarge

1. Thoes are the new folders
2. The new xboxdash.xbe renamed to msxboxdash.xbe
3. The latest evox dashboard named to xboxdash.xbe

10. Do what i kinda just told you above and now on to the next part, your almost done!!!

11. Inside the "xodash" folder you will find a folder called, "media" and 2 files, "xonlinedash.xbe" and "update.xbe", look at the pic than follow dirrections

click picture to enlarge

1. the msxonlinedash.xbe was originally just xonlinedash.xbe
2. what you see now as xonlinedash.xbe is just the latest evoxdash renamed to xonlinedash.xbe

12. the hard part is over for most of you.

13. Now with that you are able to boot up to your evox dash and when you hit "Ms Dashboard" on the link it will go to your MS dashboard obviously! Than when you hit "xbox live" it will go back to your Evox dashboard.

14. now you wonder how i got it to say "MS Xbox Live" well in the evox.ini file this is what mine looks like

IF you copy and paste that into your ini you will have the same thing i have with the "MS Xbox Live" link. Now when you hit it, it goes to xbox live and goes through its little cut scene. I did the rest and am going to show you if you can connect to the xbox live server, or ping it what ever you wana call it.

15. Once you arrive here at the xboxlive main menu go to "Network setup" at the bottom.

16. I found a place that allowed me to view my ip and stuff, thought it was pretty cool.

17. Anyway go back to network setup and at the very bottom under advanced hit "connect"

18. Here you will find out if you can connect to xbox live!, look below

Many thanks to BILLY GATES FOR THE XBOX :blink:
Thanks to the evox team for the evox dash B)
Thanks for all the help on the forums, havent of done it without you :lol:

Tutorial written by : ojrman


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