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USB Powered Xodus Programmer (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : myst1x
Last edited: September 20, 2003

Tired of running out to get a new 9 volt battery in order to flash your Matrix or Chameleon or even Cheapmod? No worries, my friends. With this quick tutorial you can have your Xodus Programmer running off USB power in no time.

Required Items:
Xodus Matrix/Chameleon Programmer
USB cable
15w Soldering Iron
5 minutes of your time

Optional Items:
Electrical Tape
Heat shrink tubing

First thing is first, cut open that USB cable and cut away any other wires other than the red and the black wires inside the cable. You may have to strip a little bit of housing off of the USB cable to get at these wires adequately. Now that you have those two wires out in the open, strip ‘em. Now, solder them to their designated points. You have 2 options. Both are illustrated below. You may have to shorten up your USB cable. Use the heat shrink/electrical tape to cover up where you shortened up the cable.

On top

On the back

Finally, route your cable with the electrical tape if you’d like along the back of the programmer. Or just leave it hanging. I’d suggest you tape it to the back of the programmer. Works like a charm!!!

Tutorial written by : myst1x



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