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How to link the MS dashboard from Evox after installing the XTF exploit (v0.1)

Tutorial written by : Overloaded
Last edited: August 18, 2003


1. A Hex Editor- I Used Xvi32 Freeware Hex Editor And You Can Get It Here.

2. XbeDump- This Can Be Found On #xbins And Im Sure It Can Be Found In Other Places Too

3. You Need To Get Your Xboxdash Files Tranfered From Your Xbox To A Temp Directory On Your Computer. (Xboxdash.xbe , XBox Book.xtf , And Xbox.xtf) You Can Take The .xtf Font Files From The Fonts Folder Or You Can Use The Ones That Are On The Root Of The C Partition Where You Will Find The xboxdash.xbe File That You Will Be Transfering Too

4. While Still Connected To Your Xbox Through FTP And You Have Phoenix Bios Loader With Evox Already Installed And Running On The Xbox Then Copy The Evox.ini File Over To The Temp Directory That You Have Made On Your PC Too


I Used The Hex Editor To Open The XboxDash.xbe File And Searched For hex String With 78 00 74 00 66 To find Instances Of .XTF And Recieved 4 Hits.

I Edited Each String And Changed It From .XTF To .XFT And Saved The XBE File.

Then I Took The 2 XTF Font Files ( XBox Book.xtf And Xbox.xtf ) That Are Original To the M$ Dash And Changed The .xtf To .xft So That They Will Be Linked To The Newly Hacked M$ Dash Xbe File.

Next I Took The Hacked M$ Dash Xbe File And Signed It With XbeDump (xbedump xboxdash.xbe -font) So That The Edited Dash File Work With The Font File Exploits.


Now With These 3 Completely Re-Hacked Files (Xboxdash.xbe , XBox Book.xft , And Xbox.xft) You Are ready To Add these Items To Your Xbox And Setup Evox To Launch Your MS Dashboard.

Step #1_ Turn On Your Xbox And After Booting Evox You Will Need To Connect The Xbox To Your PC With Your Favorite FTP Client So That You Can Copy The Files Over To The XBox HDD.

Step#2_ After You Have Made A Connection You Can Open Up the C Partition And Apply The New Files To It. Before Transfering The Xboxdash.xbe To The Root Of The C Partition You Must Rename It To msxboxdash.xbe So That It Dont Overwright The Original xboxdash.xbe That Is Already Present In This Partition. Next Take The 2 Hacked Font Files (XBox Book.xft , And Xbox.xft) And Add Them To The Fonts Folder And Also Add A Copy Of Them To The Root Of C.

Step#3_You Will Now Need To Edit Your Evox.ini File So That It Links To The Hacked Dash InStead Of The Original Msdashboard.Use The Evox.ini File That You Tranfered Earlier From Your Xbox (The One That You Should Still Have In The Temp Folder On Your Pc)And Open It With Notepad And Change The Settings ToMake It Look Like This.

#AudioPlayer = "c:msxboxdash.xbe"
MSDashBoard = "c:msxboxdash.xbe"

Step#4_ Save And Exit From Notepad And tranfer It Back To the Xbox And Choose To Overwright The File That Is ALready On The C Partition.

Step#5_Reboot Your Xbox And Click The MS Dashboard Link From Your Evox Menu And It Now Boots Into The Ms Dash Perfectly, Giving You Access To All Your Game-Saves, Ripped Soundtracks Or Music Player, And All The Other XBox Specific Settings Like The Clock So That You Can Now Fix Your Time And Date

Tutorial written by : Overloaded



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