The Scenyx / X-Scene / PS3Scene Forums are currently down
We're doing everything we can to bring back the forums as soon as possible, but due issues (not related to us) between 3rd party companies we were forced to move our entire server farm somewhere else.
There's NO ETA at this moment - we're trying to get the special hardware and software required for this forum up as soon as possible. We hope we'll be able to bring you back the forum in the next few days. Due the complexity of the setup it's simply not something we can just do in a few hours.
We managed to move the main sites in time - so you can still get the latest news on and

We're very sorry about this, but this has nothing to do with us or our sites. Like all our visitors we're victims of this situation and believe us, we're doing everything we can to bring back your favourite forums ASAP.
We'll update this page when there's progress on the new setup.

* 2009/05/25 - vrack and servers ordered (we were warned some time ahead, forums only went down 2009/05/27 afternoon EST)
* 2009/05/26 - verfications passed ... waiting on HW setup
* 2009/05/27 afternoon EST - old server went down - redirected to this tmp page.
* 2009/05/27 - ya ... still waiting on HW setup by the datacenter. Special HW that should be internally linked, so it's taking more time than just 1 single server.
* 2009/05/27 19:30 EST - update from DC ... HW might be up tonight. Then there's still lots of work to do to get the forums working tho.
* 2009/05/28 10:15 EST - HW still not ready, should be today tho, then we can finally start the setup.
* 2009/05/28 - HW delivered and online - now lots of work for us ...
* 2009/05/29 - We're progressing ... hold tight ;) If we dont run into too many issues maybe tonight.
* 2009/05/29 20:40 EST - forums are operational on the new HW, we're testing now ...
* 2009/05/29 21:45 EST - The forums are live on the new servers! (as test - let's see how they handle the traffic). If you still see this page it means your PC/ISP/Company has still cached the old IP - will update soon! IP is ... but you won't be able to browse it until your DNS updates.

Peace. Scenyx Team |