Will you buy the Kinect?

yes, at launch or during the holiday season
maybe later


Crave Online

Modchips for the Original Xbox


* Current Generation Xbox Modchips

* Modchip GeNeRaTioN.4
Xenium, Xecuter3, SmartXX, X-Chip, X-Lite, X-Changer, SpiderGX

* Modchip GeNeRaTioN.3b (non-cheapmod based)
Xecuter2.x Lite/Lite+/Pro, X-BIT, SpiderChip, DuoX, MuppetX, Akira2, ...

* Diagrams to install Xbox modchips

* Diagrams & Installation guides for all modchips

* Cracked Bioses/Kernels for the Xbox

* Compare all retail bioses
(for homebrew, flashable modchips & TSOP)

* Compare all debug bioses (for developers)

* Older/Discontinued Xbox Modchips

* Modchip GeNeRaTioN.3b (cheapmod based)

* Modchip GeNeRaTioN.3a (non-flashable LPC mods)

* Modchip GeNeRaTioN.2 (11 wires)

* Modchip GeNeRaTioN.1 (29 wires)




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