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Xbox Homebrew Software Releases

PLEASE NOTE: Everything on this page is non-commercial or freeware.
None of the content should contain any copyright protected code or break any other European copyright law. If that's not the case , contact me and I will (after verification) remove the content immediately.

Team Gueux is proud to present Anod-X (AN Other Dash Xbox).
This is a dashboard written from scratch, not using any MS Dash resources.
Main features:
* Auto/manual update
* Apps/homebrews/skins/gamesaves download from dash (list is updated once you start AnodX)
* RSS Newsfeeds
* SNTP client
* Skin manager (download, preview and auto install)
* Gamesaves manager (only on HDD for the moment) with download and auto install
* Files Manager with .rar support
* Remote Manager, shortcuts
* Multilanguage (french and english for the moment)
* Configurable menus
* FTP Server (login/pass "xbox")
* Auto detect Xbox/Video DVD, Audio CD with auto or manual launch of the linked apps (set default apps directly from dash)
* Play WAV/MP3/WMA/OGG audio files, shuffle, auto, playlist
* Copy DVD to HDD
* Eeprom & HDD tools compatible with Xbox v1.6 (protected by password - "xbox" by default):
-Lock/delock HDD
-Backup "C" drive
-Clean cache drive
-Read Xbox Eeprom
-Read Eeprom from .CFG & .BIN files
-Save Eeprom in .CFG & .BIN file
* Enable/disable F and/or G drives
* Speedfan Manager
* LED color manager
* Autoupdate lists (game/apps/save etc...) without need to restart dashboard
* Animated background (.XMV)
* Show free space of each drive
* Show hardware/network infomation (video chip, IP, CPU Temp etc...)
* Screensavers (configurable from dash)
* Possible to put a password when starting Xbox (your console will turn-off after 3 wrong attempts)
* Take screenshots from dash (white button).
Current Status:: v1.02.1 // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

* IRC client
* FTP server/client
* autoupdate with history
* skeleton
* graphical launcher
* FATX2 wrapper
* unrar / unzip
* settings menu
Current Status:: v0.49.3 build 137 // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

Alot of time was spent adding functionality to the dash including.
By no means complete, this beta release contains:
Entirely Remodeled Dash
New Menu System
-"Idiot Proof" Config Panel
-Skins Menu
-Skins Preview
-Skins Switching
-In Dash Hex Editing
-LED switching
-3D ScreenSaver
-Visualizer Switching
-10 configurable HD menu tabs
-BGM volume from config panel
Initially, this project was meant to be an extension of thc's groundbreaking work, however, circumstances forced us to form our own group. While almost all thc code has been removed from this dash, we would like to give credit to thc for the following functions:
-Skins archieving from skin.xip
-Hard Drive Space (hack by fuck_db and implemention initally by thc)
Current Status:: v1.1 beta // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

This is the cdx menu that comes with the newer xbox games to launch demo's, music, and trailers.
This is a alternative to Menu X.
Current Status:: v1 // no download (built with XDK) // By TheNut

CHIHIROX is another project by Hikaru. It's a multi-function dashboard for Xbox.
Features (thanks to fc-ca for the translation):
* Game launcher for Xbox
* Boot up window (looks similar to explorer)
* FTP server
* Game disc copy and install system
* Shows system information on the display
Current Status:: v2.0 // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

Using a dynamic patching system !Loader offers you virtually the same features as most well established modchips - on unmodded Xboxes in software! (using gamesave exploit)

!Loader features a simple menu system and stock file server enabling transfer of files to all the partitions on your harddrive as well as execute any apps/games you may have stored on your harddrive or DVDROM.
Current Status:: v1.00 // no download (built with XDK) // By

Complex Tools is a game manager utility native to the xbox
- Rip any XBOX DVD Game to drives E, F and G
- Smart folder naming. install folders will be named using embedded name in xbe when extracting isos, when using rars rar name is used.
- Launch installed titles with the press of a button.
- Uninstall titles with the press of a button
- UnRAR support for easy installation of releases.
- "On the fly" ISO extraction from RAR archives.
- Extract Xbox .iso images easily.
- Samba Share support : Unrar and extract isos to your Xbox from a PC share.
- SFV Checker to check for bad CRCs in your releases.
- Built in FTP Server.
- Media Patching Option.
- MP3/S3M/MOD/XM/IT background music player.
- Supports PX-HDD paths.
- Easy to configure XML file.
- informative interface that reports installed games disk space use
Current Status:: v1.60 // no download (built with XDK) // By Complex

2GAM is a modded/hacked MS dashboard.
It is based on MS dashboard 10027100.
A big part of the routines have been rewritten to integrate a maximum number of options (about 200).
Some of these routines are coming from internet forums (www.Gueux.net, www.xbox-scene.com, www.BURNINGBOX.fr.st) others are taken from tHc dashboard, these are thus owned by their respected authors and I don't own any credit of them.
Some of the features:
- You can put the dashboard anywhere you want (except cd/dvd)
- Embedded FTP Server in the dashboard
- Embedded Region Free DVD Reader in the dashboard
- Support the setup of the Xbox LED color
- Support of the '0' key to switch off the Xbox while a DVD is playing
- Scan a lot of Hardware informations of the Xbox
- Display a lot of informations about the Xbox
- The choice between 0 to unlimited menus on the Main Menu
- Display of time and date on every screen
- Display on every screen the soundtrack, name and time of the current background music
- 29 buttons to set up (launching applications or internal function)
- Display the amount of space used/free on each drive
- Support for skins to change looks of the dashboard
- Possibility to quickly include some background images
- The Music Control Panel from tHc* Lite
- Possibility to set a password (keyboard or nike) on each application or internal function
- Screensaver customized and customizable
- The choice of the reader (internal or other) for playing a video DVD or audio CD
- Multi-language: french, english, german, spanish (+ easily other languages)
- etc... (I'll not list all 200 options here ;)
Current Status:: v3.2 Beta // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

A tool to select multiple dashboards upon boot.
Dashboard switcher will consist of two parts:
* One config tool which writes the name of the dash into an ini file
* One launch tool which reads the ini file and launches the dash written there. u can put the config tool where u want to and launch it from ur dash menu or the way u like.
The 2nd tool will be the one which gets loaded after booting. this one will then launch the dashboard u chose. If theres no ini then it will launch the config screen. easy isnt it?
Current Status:: v0.2 // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

* Microsoft Dashboard Replacement
* Build in FTP Server
* Configurable Menu System
* Flash BIOS utility
* Upgrade Harddisk and Format/Partition easily
* Create game backups
* Build in Trainer menu system
Current Status:: 1.8.3935 Beta // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

Here is same menu that Microsoft use on they XDEMOS with some games.
Build your own cool looking menus!
Current Status:: v1.00 // no download (built with XDK) // By

LoaderConfig allows you to create Evox menu items for loading different BFM BIOSes. Pass the path to the Phoenix loader and the name of the config file to use.
Current Status:: v1 // no download (built with XDK) // By

Media X Menu is a menu system to launch applications from a DVD collection or from a hard drive. It is intended to be very configurable and allow new "styles" to be added in, both with simple visual changes (skins), or adding 3D effects (later) to the presentation of the menus by re-writing the software.
Current Status:: 0.9n.6 Beta // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

All this is designed to do is make it possible to launch XBE's that have long location paths. The X3 and X2 BIOS's have a limit on the number of characters you can have in a launch location, most of your XBE's wont fit.
* Can launch any xbe from any directory no matter what its lengh is.
* Falls back to the DVDROM if no XBE is found.
* Runs off and boots all partitions.
Current Status:: v1 // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

Xbox Dashboard based on MS Dash 4920
5 to 10 tabs and you can order them like you want
Direct link for applications, emulators...
2 orbs on the Main Menu
Orb skinable
Orb built-in application, emulators menu
Possibilty to activate/desactivate the cellwall in the config.xbx
Possibilty to show an image in the orb, different images, both images or no image
Possibilty to activate/desactivate the orb's grid
Transparency of the tabs when they are higher or lower
MemoryX built-in
ControlPanel built-in
ControlPanel can be called from anywhere in the dash
Management of backgrounds
- 20 diff. backgrounds
- possibility to set it as random
- realtime background changing by pressing the white button
FTP (even during dvd playback)
Play dvd without the remote
Music start on boot if the player is set to random
Tabs has been rebuilt to be more smooth
CPU & System Temp in C or F
Time display on main screen
Support for PAL 50 and 60 HZ and HDTV 480P 720P or 1080I
Access to DVD drive from a FTP connection
Current Status:: v1.4 // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

First 100% legal dashboard for Xbox. It's build with OpenXDK - the legal XBOX Development Kit.
It isn't done, nor is it a very nice dash to use, but it's the first OpenXDK-based dashboard. Many of the limitations are very lame, but it does the job (I suppose).
* (2!) cool groovy backgrounds
* browse three (3!) different directories for XBE's to run
* FTP support via mini-linux distribution (based on ltools)
* it's legal!
* DVD booting (although reset-on-eject is busted so, it's not that useful)
* You can't boot a relative path from the mounted d:/ at the moment.
Current Status:: Beta1 // Download // Source Code // Official Website

ParalleX is a small launcher application that allows you to run hacked XBEs and their associated data files easily, without losing the ability to run the original game as well. This is particularly useful for DOAXVB. You can play with the money hack/nude hack turned on, then when your little brother wants to play, you can launch it in the original mode.
Each launch option can run a different XBE, as well as have different data files associated with it.
Current Status:: v0.1 a // no download (built with XDK) // By

1)Auto search for games/application with thumbnail for display. Searches and indexes your Hard drive for Xbox titles. Uses icon embedded within the xbe file or custom icon (Icon.png, Icon.jpg).
2)File manager (Copy/Move/Delete/QuickDVDCopy, Support for copy and resume so you donít start from the beginning if an error occurs.)
3)Game/DVD movie/CD/Data detection with the option to autolaunch them using your favorite media player. Pressing any of the trigger button will suppress auto launching of disk.
4)Image viewer (bmp, jpg, xbx and xpr Ėbuilt in to the File manager)
5)Zip/Unzip files right from your xbox. Supports extracting from Xbox Xip files (except xm files). Now you can check the contents of the xip files that came with the xbox without leaving it.
6)Auto/Manual clock settings. You can set it to manual so UnleashX ask you for date and time when it becomes invalid (i.e., it has been unplug for too long). If set otherwise, UnleashX will set it Nov 15, 2003.
7)Password protection for every item. With UnleashX, you can set a password for each menu, submenu, individual item, as well as a system password with maximum number of tries (only for system password. When the maximum is reached, the Xbox will automatically shutdown).
8)Color scheme. You can change the colors of all items, from the menu color, to the screen dialog, down to the default background and fog color.
9)Fully configurable (XML config file). To achieve flexibility, XML is used almost everywhere. Itís a pretty flexible format but itís not an all and be all solution.
10)Widescreen support (HDTV and support for 480p was not tested)
11)FTP Server with PASV and multi-client (10 max) support. You can set the Username, password, port, maximum number of users, anonymous access). While UnleashX supports multiple clients simultaneously, all users must use the same user account (default is Xbox).
12)Simple screen saver and Auto-Turn off timer.
13)Sound effects (uses internal xbox files-it will still run without them) and uses the soundtrack for background music.
14)In-box configuration, so you donít need to do everything from your PC
15)USB Keyboard and IR support (Pressing the Display on the IR for more than 1.5 seconds will turn the xbox off Ėthough itís probably faster to just select the power-off menu item)
16)Virtual Keyboard support for all settings.
17)Support for Memory Unit thru File manager and FTP server. You can browse and copy/transfer files between your Xbox hard disk and memory unit.
18)Partition Formatting.
19)Screen Capture. And with the built in image viewer, you can now view it too (though whatís the point?).
20)Extensive support for skinning. You can set the skin without restarting.
21)Newsfeed support.
22)Supports batch command.
23)Support for partition G is provided but never tested since I donít have a large drive.
24)To keep the footprint small, UnleashX uses a lot of files that are already in your HD like the sound and xbx files. If you have ahacked MS dash, youíll probably notice this as long as you didnít rename them to something else.
Current Status:: V0.39.0528 Build 584 // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

* A dashboard and application selector for your Xbox. Features quick-pick menus, and selectable default dashboard
* Includes password protection to prevent access (when not booting via the DVD drive)
Current Status:: v0.6 // no download (built with XDK) // By

This is a fairly ugly and clunky hard disk partitioner. It's just a beginning. Right now there are only four partition setup options, but eventually we hope to have totally customizable partitions.
* Doesn't support unallocated space between partitions.
* Doesn't allow changing of partition's start address.
* Partitions must be created in order.
* Only allows editing of extended partitions.
* Only space above the standard partitions is allocatable (as per above limitation).
XBpartitioner should run under most any BIOS, but it only supports those with LBA48 code which follows Paul Bartholomew's standard (introduced with the original LBA48 patches used by XBtool). LBA48 patch version 2 is supported, but it is recommended that you update to version 3 if you are using a patched kernel.
Current Status:: v1.0 // no download (built with XDK) // By NghtShd

XMenu is an app that can be placed on your own CD/DVD compilations enabling you to launch one of several titles using your XBOX controller.
XMenu is customisable, enabling you to add your own logo, change the graphics and title details.
Current Status:: v1.00 // no download (built with XDK) // By

What is this?
A program that can run other Xbox executables.
It seems this was originally created to be the fastest interface to launch several different (dashboard) programs, and remember a default.
What is so good about this program?
It is less than 35% of the size of the Evolution-X RemoteX dashboard, and less than 20% of the filesize of Evo-X RemoteX if XBEPack is used. Other dashboards are even larger: This is 12%-ish of UnleashX's size. This can be non-interactive and ignored except for when it is useful. An Xbox controller can be used to find any file to execute, even one buried deeply in nested sub-directories, without any pre-made config files. (Advantages over Evo-X RemoteX, not the single-file UnleashX.). These, and its speed of use, are the strong points. XSelect also has a password feature (which may be unique, if not very useful).
What is the biggest downside of this program, compared to similar programs?
No included FTP server (one reason this is [ 35% of Evo-X's size).
Current Status:: v0.9 // no download (built with XDK) // By

This dashboard was dream up one day while screwing around on the xbox. They ideas for it are still comming,but I'm not going try and reinvent the wheel. The goal of my project is to have a nice bundle of software like an 'os' so its almost just a plug and play with very few configurations. I have include some homebrew xbes not written by me. So if your having problems with them contact them.
Current Status:: 0.4a // no download (built with XDK) // By

Previously referred to as 'tHc Final' it's the next version of tHc Original and tHc Lite. This Xbox dashboard is based on the original MS Dashboard and offers functionality to script pretty much everything (layout, menus, screensaver, axis/dpad control, drive mapping, network control, power off, reboot, ...). It also has a music manager, HDD manager, FTP server and more.
Current Status:: Beta Bug Bash v1.1 // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

Alternative opensource dashboard for the Microsoft Xbox Console. Fully skinnable using the LUA scripting language. Includes FTP Server, M$ soundtrack player, LUA interpreter, 2d and 3d skin support and more!
Feature Log:
* LUA based skin engine using source obtained from http://www.lua.org
* XBFileZilla based FTP server using source obtained from XBMC cvs code (source will be released soon for all of the dashboard)
* PNG file format support including alpha channel support
* M$ Dashboard soundtrack playing support
* XBG file format support (3d models)
* Dash files can be put anywhere (as long as it's in the same place)
* Cherry's patch code added for switching between PAL and NTSC modes
* TinyXML based XML parser for use with neXgen.xml configuration
* Matrix style screensaver
* File cache for speedier booting of neXgen (has issues)
* Sound player (for use in skins)
* Snowflake render (was for christmas release but too late)
* Fog render!!! (Finally)
* XBE Autolist (for Apps, Emus and Games)
* Autolaunch Audio Discs, DVD's and Unknown's
* Working skin switcher
* 3D Cameras (set position etc.)
* Much more "Behind the Scenes" code
Current Status:: v2.0.0 alpha NYE // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

The purpose of LITE is to provide an easy-to-use, and brilliant looking dashboard with which you can make your xbox the most stylish thing in the room! Being the only third party xbox dash to have a 3d user interface, professionally-made architecture and coding, combined with amazingly talented peoples editing, adding and improvents of original features, tHc has functions beyond what can be expected from other dashboards.

What is tHc?
tHc is effectively an edited and improved version of the xbox's default msdash using the original .xbe and xip structure. This means the dashboard was made by professionals with a large budget from the biggest software corporation in the world. It looks fantastic because of this (and because of others hard work).
There are draw backs. At present there can be NO FTP usage due to us needing the source and a way in which to recompile it and there can also be no non-native forms of media such as WMV files.
However, the advantages, we believe, greatly out weigh the disadvantages. What other dash plays dvd's!?

Whats new in tHc LITE?
Whats not new!?
**Short Intro
**Massivly improved music-managment system
**Config.xbx file for easy editing from PC and/or xpad etc.
**Easy-to-use new skinning system
**full dvd-remote compatability
**New 3d elements on orb
**"Dulling-out" load
**No need for shutdown and reboot .xbe's!
**Completely re-written xaps
**No crashing!!!
**Music CP avaliable through all sub-sections
**Clock merged into music CP
**Improved sub-menus system
**Less "floating"
Current Status:: v1.0 // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

tHc Original is a modified version of the original MS Xbox Dashboard. The dashboard includes a replacment CLOCK, a SKIN SELECTER, a CONFIG-ERATER, a MUSIC MANAGER, a USER MANAGER.
Current Status:: // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

Tool to install the tHc dashboard (modified MS dashboard) automaticly on your xbox.
Current Status:: v1 // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

user.interface.x (or UIX) is the new 'hacked/modified MS dashboard' made by Team XboxDash.Net and Team BlackStormX - now called Team UIX. Only very few code is still left from Microsoft and future releases will probably be completely original material, from the scripts to the meshes and everything in between.
Listed below are the new scriptable functions and objects now at your disposal, as well as descriptions/samples of each. They were made to be as simple as possible to use so you should have very little heartache implimenting them into your work.
This release includes our last Microsoft menu to replace the very used up drop down style hard drive menus. We now give you one you have been waiting for since day 1... the memory menu. This is a user.interface.x exclusive, as is the brand new file manager :)
Network runs on either static or dchp and yes - you can ftp while watching on movie on the dongle free dvd player. Config is fully handled in the settings menu, but for those of you who like editing files, everything is in a simple ini in system folder, there you can set your paths and names for menu listings as well as toggle the other goodies in there.

* Returned dpad to it's original functionality until such time as the extra controls are actually needed. also made Start and Back buttons no longer the same as A and B. Now OnStartDown, OnStartUp, OnBackDown, and OnBackUp can be used. by default they are scripted as music volume up(OnBackDown)/down(OnStartDown), and yes they repeat while holding the button
* Added ability to make individual meshes render in wireframe... simple add 'wireFrame true' to the mesh DEF, default is false
* Added launch and format back to ftp commands as well...
* Added use of cache for menu items. added in save dir/cache. they're out of the way cuz there should be no need for an enduser to touch them. cache is created on first boot of uix and then all menu loads will be done from cache until a refresh (RefreshCache()) is called. this cuts the boot time down tremendously :)
* Added to Config object a skin change function (ChangeSkin()). will reload all colors from new skin ini in realtime :)
* Changed theHardDrive.GetThisFileSize( "*:\path\file.ext" ); to return file sizes in bytes.
* New functions for "Settings" file: SetIniSection, SetIniValue, GetIniValue.
* Scriptable functions for screen (TakeScreenShot, WireFrameStart/Stop, MotionStart/Stop).
* More flexable use of theTranslator, new dir in app dir "Languages" containing .dat's (ini's) of all translatable vocabulary - max # of translatable entries is 1000.
* Scriptable auto off time: SetAutoOffTime.
* Scriptable power off and reboot: Reset, PowerOff, PowerCycle.
* Scriptable informatives (internal/cpu temperatures, set/get fan speed, set led).
* Scriptable screensaver times for start time, delay 2 time and delay 3 time.
* Scriptable drive commands (open/close tray).
* Separation of all axis/dpad scriptable control.
* New Drive Mappings to follow existing norms.
* New scriptable object "HardDrive" with functions: ExecuteFile, CopyGame, GetFreeSpace, GetTotalSpace, ConvertMBToGB, FileExists, GetThisFileSize, MoveThisFile, MoveThisDirectory, DeleteThisFile, DeleteThisDirectory, CopyThisFile, CopyThisDirectory, RenameThisFile, RenameThisDirectory, CreateThisDirectory, RemoveThisDirectory.
* New scriptable object "TitleMenu" with functions: GetTitlePath, GetTitleID, SetPath, LaunchTitle, GetTitleName, SetMenuName, GetMenuName, titleCount.
* Scriptable networking controls and variables via the XboxNetwork object with functions: StartServices, StopServices, ReStartServices, StartFTPServices, StopFTPServices, ReStartFTPServices, SetXboxIP, SetXboxSubnet, SetXboxGateway, GetXboxIP, GetXboxGateway, GetXboxSubnet, GetLinkStatus, GetLinkType.
Current Status:: v00.01.00 // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

>> yalX
yalX (yet another lock) only allows to start an application if the right password is provided.
It adopts the name of the application and dash boards with autoitem shows it after the first start.
Current Status:: 0.1 // no download (built with XDK) // By WiSo


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