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Xbox Homebrew Software Releases

PLEASE NOTE: Everything on this page is non-commercial or freeware.
None of the content should contain any copyright protected code or break any other European copyright law. If that's not the case , contact me and I will (after verification) remove the content immediately.

* Real time progress displayed on current file being copied, as well as the overall progress, even says the file name being copied. Constantly updates the amount of Free Space on your HDD while it copies.
* Checks the disc size before installing to let you know how big the game is, and if its too big, it will ask you to delete something.
* Support for Partition1 & Partition6 for users with larger HDD's.
* Auto patches games that are being installed for known protections.
* Lets you know if your modchip doesnt allow the eject trick!
* Supports Partition 7 for the 137+ GB Hard Drives Owners.
* Creates gamelist.txt in the \HDDLoader root folder so you can easily edit it to find out what game is in what folder.
Current Status:: 1.3 // no download (built with XDK) // By ProjectX

This client was mainly made for one reason - xbox to xbox transfers. Somewhere along the road I got offtracked and made it a xbox ftp client instead, since evo-x provide you with a quite ok ftp-server.
This is one of my very first XBOX programs tho, so don't judge me too hard.
Current Status:: 058.2 // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

This program will rip a game from the dvd drive straight to the hard drive.
Current Status:: 0.25 // no download (built with XDK) // By

XBFileZilla is a port of the FileZilla FTP server (http://sourceforge.net/projects/filezilla) to the XBox console. It is intended to be used as a module in other XBox software.
Current Status:: 1.3.01 // Download // Official Website

Similar to Norton Commander , to manage your Xbox Harddisk.
You can create an ISO file and launch XCommander from a CD/DVD-R or copy all files on your harddisk and start it from there. If you want to copy files from your DVD-ROM, you have to copy XCommander to your harddisk.
You can download a PPF patch to add Drive-G support here
Current Status:: R2 // no download (built with XDK) // By

boXplorer is a file manager for Xbox which allows you to directly browse, copy, move, delete
and rename files and folders on the Xbox harddisk and DVD drive.
boXplorer can also play Xbox video media files (*.WMV) and launch other application or
games (*.XBE files).
boXplorer can be booted from a DVD/CD or added to your Xbox harddrive and launched from there.
boXplorer is a great addition to Evolution X dashboard (on either harddrive or DVD/CD) since
it provides file manager capabilites which Evolution X currently lacks.
boXplorer contains file operations (copy, move, delete, rename and create folders) which makes
the program a fully functional file manager and for the first time makes it possible to manage
the files on the Xbox harddrive without Evolution X and FTP !
You can even use boXplorer to rip DVD games to the Xbox harddrive without having to copy
the files to your PC first.
A PPF patch to add G: support to boxplorer can be downloaded here
Current Status:: 0.96 Beta // no download (built with XDK) // By

dvd2xbox is a DVD/CD-R to hdd copy program for the xbox which supports the formats UDF/ISO9660/ISO9660/VideoDVD/CDDA (Audio 2 Ogg ripping with freecddb naming, dvd ripping with libdvdread). It provides a simple all at once copy mode and a win commander style disc browser.
Current Status:: v0.7.8 // no download (built with XDK) // Source Code // Official Website

xToolBox is a suite of utilities that includes the following:
1) File manager that allows you to explore the contents of your XBox harddrive
2) DVD to HD copier
3) Nick name editor
xToolBox can be booted from a DVD/CD or added to your Xbox hard disk and launched from there.
Current Status:: v0.41 // no download (built with XDK) // By


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