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Xbox Homebrew Software Releases

PLEASE NOTE: Everything on this page is non-commercial or freeware.
None of the content should contain any copyright protected code or break any other European copyright law. If that's not the case , contact me and I will (after verification) remove the content immediately.

A TSOP flash kit based on Linux and raincoat 0.5 by andy@warmcat.com. The xbox hardware has to be modified according to the "TSOP method", in other words an xbox with onboard flash write enabled. The original game "007 Agent Under Fire" is needed to load the "007 TSOP Flash Kit" as a regular gamesave.
Current Status:: v1.0 alpha6 // Download // Official Website

Several developer tools cam be downloaded from xbox-linux' sf.net page
Current Status:: n/a // Download // Official Website

Enatux is the first ever Linux distro made just for kids! The project is titled Enatux (Ena like Zena, and tux like, well, tux).
The main goal of the Enatux project is to create a kid-safe operation system. So parents can rest easy when they know their kids are using Enatux. I plan to make Enatux a bootable live linux distro -- so there is no need to install it. Just pop in the CD, reboot and you are set. Starting today I will be working on development of Enatux for PC and Xbox. I have been collecting games, paint progs, and other fun stuff I think kids will like. It will be fun putting it all in one package!
Current Status:: TBR // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

A flash disc tool based on Linux and custom raincoat 0.5+ for xbox. The disc requires a xbox with hacked bios or Cromwell to boot, it will not load on a "virgin" xbox with original m$ flash.
Current Status:: v1.3 // Download // Official Website

This is a port of FreeBSD, a high performance UNIX breed, ported to the Microsoft Xbox.
The port is fully functional. The framebuffer is fully supported, same goes for sound and USB devices (such as an USB keyboard for the console). Only ethernet is missing, currently, as the binary only driver in /usr/ports/net/nvnet fails with an error 5, for some reason.
I have made patches for FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE and FreeBSD 6.0-BETA1. Currently, the port requires the Linux Cromwell BIOS (which was patched so it would understand FreeBSD kernel ELF files).
Current Status:: v1 (5.4 and 6.0-beta1 kernel) // Download // Official Website

Gentoox Home is based on Gentoo Linux for PC. This ISO is full of usefull precompiled software.
Current Status:: v7.1 // Download // Official Website

Gentoox Home is based on Gentoo Linux for PC. The Pro Edition is definitely aimed at professionals and developers. It provides them with all the tools they need to develop their own, customised environment without any preinstalled junk that they might not need.
Current Status:: v5.1 // Download // Official Website

Smaller Gentoox (Based on latest release of Professional) modified by jimmsta.
This is a slighly modified version of Gentoox, with a smaller rootfs file, so that those of us with only regular 8GB WD hard drives can take advantage of dual-booting the xbox dashboards and Gentoo Linux.
This ISO is a modified version of Stardust.iso that comes with the Pro version of Gentoox.
It has not yet been tested, but should work perfectly. (As per instructions found on Shallax.com)
Current Status:: v1 // no download (built with XDK) // By jimmsta

Sparkle allows you to rescue a damaged Gentoox installation automatically.
Current Status:: v4.0 // Download // Official Website

Winex installer for Gentoox. The latest cvs build of Winex is downloaded, configured correctly, compiled, and installed. Although it is a Beta release. I do not anticipate any problems.
For those of you who don't already know. Wine is a program that creates an environment in linux that allows most apps to be run. WineX is a fork of Wine specifically designed and tweaked for games. I have no problems at all running Ultima Online at full screen on my Xbox
Current Status:: Beta Final // Download // Official Website

Mandriva (pronounced "Man-dree-vah"!), the company formerly known as Mandrakesoft, released Limited Edition 2005, a special new version of its operating system that blends the most up to date popular open source applications, including Firefox 1.0.2, with specific customisations resulting in advanced multimedia, internet and development capabilities. These features include out-of-the-box Web content RSS reading and software sound mixing (so multiple applications can play sound at once). Limited Edition 2005 is the only Linux system to allow the trouble-free coexistence of 32-bit and 64-bit applications. It also offers enhanced hardware support for removable devices, including the ability to boot from USB keys.
Summary of important applications:
Linux kernel ; KDE 3.3.2 (with some backports from version 3.4, including kpdf) ; GNOME 2.8.3 ; Firefox 1.0.2 ; GCC 3.4.3 ; The GIMP 2.2 ; Cdrecord 2.01.01a21 (with DVD+R dual-layer support) ; OpenOffice.org 1.1.4 ; MySQL 4.1.11.
A special feature that will certainly appeal to gamers and enthusiasts is that the new release from Mandriva has support for the Xbox console, empowering users to bridge the divide between gaming and other computer activities.
Current Status:: Limited Edition 2005 (v10.2) // Download // Official Website

The MechInstaller is basically a combination of the MechAssault savegame exploit and the font loader dashboard exploit. Its whole purpose is to provide an easy way for everyone to permanently install Linux on their unmodded Xbox and at the same time it allows normal Xbox usage.
You can now easily install Linux on unmodded Xboxes if they have been prepared by the MechInstaller. Readme included.
Current Status:: v1 // Download // Official Website

Itís a small Linux dist with only mythtv on it. MythTV is a homebrew PVR project.
Current Status:: v0.3 // Download // Official Website

Raincoat is a small linux commandline app which is able to read and write to the Xbox flash. Most flash types are supported. See the README for how to use.
Current Status:: 0.10 // Download // Source Code // Official Website

A tool used for rescuing broken Gentoox installations and for reflashing one's modchip/TSOP.
It's a 12MB download (so not even dialup users can complain) which loads an absolutely minimal version of Linux which has not only the power to debug your Gentoox installation, but also it can reflash your BIOS uses a simple script called "reflash".
This boots from Gentoox Loader or from Gentoox MCE. I will not provide support for this tool - I have verified that it works - there is no chance of it failing to boot as it does NOT use DHCP (you are always assigned as your IP) - sometimes DHCP can fail when your clock is not set correctly. If you can't get it to work, I'm afraid the problem is on your end.
Current Status:: v6.0 // Download // Official Website

Slothbox, a Linux distribution based on Slackware, targeted at the XBox. There is still plenty of work to do, but we are very keen for suggestions / help if people are willing.
Current Status:: 0.1.2 // Download // Official Website

Windows CE.NET is a full, "Win32" Windows kernel, designed for embedded platforms. It can run windows applications compiled for CE, CE.NET, PocketPC, and Windows Mobile. It can also run .NET CLR apps, and (with a VM installed) Java. CE versions of Windows Media Player, Flash players, IE, MS Office, etc
Current Status:: 4.20 + Focus support // Download // Official Website

X-DSL is a small (about 50MBs) but fully functional Linux distribution for the XBOX, based on Damn Small Linux.
Installing X-DSL is just a case of copying a handful of files across to the Xbox E drive. You can then boot into X Windows with support for Xbox controllers and a virtual keyboard for text entry. X-DSL has fluxbox based desktop, with applications for email, web browsing, word processing and playing music. It can be customised with new applications by downloading myDSL extensions and placing them on the E drive (to find out whats available go here.
Current Status:: v0.6 // Download // Official Website

Xbox Linux Live Plugin System is a "live" Linux system (in Knoppix style) that does not need to be installed on the hard disk and supports plugins. It is currently not actively developed, and is up for free grabs for anyone interested in making it better.
Current Status:: 0.3 // Download // Official Website

Ed's Xebian is a full Debian-based Linux distribution, with over 8000 precompiled application packages for you to download. It is actively maintained and usually contains the latest Xbox Linux patches.
Since v1.1.0 it comes in 2 versions:
* basic: Is more or less a basic debian bootstraped version with xbox hw support and the installer.
* xbox: Is like the 1.0.x Xebian.
Current Status:: v1.1.4 // Download // Official Website

Cromwell is a free, legal bios replacement for the Xbox. It is capable of loading Linux from the Xbox's Hard Disk, and CDROM. It is not able to load Xbox games, either originals or copies. It can be installed and used in one of two ways.
* Flashed to a modchip - If selected, it will let you boot linux. If not selected, it will load the original MS bios, so no functionality is lost.
* Flashed to the TSOP - this replaces the MS bios stored on the Xbox, and makes it impossible to play games (whether original or not).
The advantage of the second method is that it makes it possible to dedicate the whole harddisk to Xbox Linux.
Xromwell is a very similar program, built from the same sourcecode. However, instead of being a bios, it is an XBE (XBox Executable), meaning that it can be launched like other XBEs. It is not signed with the MS key, which means you will need either a modchip with a bios that allows you to run unsigned XBEs, or a softmod exploit, such as the UDE.
Cromwell/Xromwell also has a number of other functions, such as locking and unlocking hard disks, and selecting video modes (PAL/NTSC switching).
Current Status:: 2.40 // Download // Source Code // Official Website

Dyne:bolic GNU/Linux is a live bootable cd, containing a whole operating system that works straight from boot, without the need to install or change anything on the hard disk.
If you like and want to have it on harddisk you can simply copy the /dyne directory on your computer: the simpliest installation ever!
Dyne:bolic is user-friendly: recognizes your hardware devices (sound, video, firewire, and USB), and offers a VAST range of free software applications for multimedia production, audio and video manipulation, sound composition and synthesis, 3D modeling, photography, peer2peer filesharing, web browsing, desktop publishing, word processing, cd burning, email, encryption, remote conferencing, funky games, a world atlas navigator and even more.
Advanced features include: a complete environment with the most advanced multimedia applications available on GNU/Linux, automatic clustering joining the CPU power between any other dyne:bolic on the local network, capability to work well on old PC (Pentium1 64Mb) and even XBOX game consoles, support to save and encrypt personal data and settings on a usb key.
Dyne:bolic is shaped on the needs of media activists and artists to promote free speech as a tool for the production and not only the fruition of digital and analog informations.
It takes birth as a grassroot effort to spread free software and the spirit of sharing information and knowledge.
For more information see:
http://dynebolic.dyne.org/index.php?show=features with screenshots
http://dynebolic.dyne.org/index.php?show=press past reviews
http://dynebolic.dyne.org/index.php?show=docs the manual and wiki
Current Status:: 1.4.1 codename LUMUMBA // Download // Official Website

What started as a linux-based toolbox has now evolved into a "Ultimate Dashboard Exploit 1/2" installer. The mini-linux and its toolbox is still available in this all-in-one game save package.
Features :
* No linux command typing nessecary
* Works on all presently known kernels (3944-5838). PAL users need to take special measures.
* No dashboard downgrade nessecary. From v1.7 it will even work as it is without adding any additional files.
* Installs/uninstall the UDE. (uninstall is Xbox Live safe - complete removal).
* Retrieve eeprom and HDD password via M$ Dash, via game save.
* Includes all sorts of check to insure a working install and uninstall. Both are aborted if the installer finds than an install or uninstall is not possible. Once installed leave your system files (C-drive) alone!
* A backup of you eeprom is made
* A complete compressed backup of C: is made.
* This can be used to restore C: if this should get corrupted.
* Choose between PBL 1.4.1, PBL-Metoo, PBL-Lite and nkpatcher.
* Choose between MXM and Evox as default dash (other dashes can easily be added)
* Previous installations are detected allowing you to custemize PBL and your dashboard without loosing these changes on re-install/uninstall. Convienient when used as Xbox Live switch.
* Automatically makes a copy of your MS dash and patches it to look for the orignal fonts.
* Uses dualboot (determined by the DVD tray state) to reach the Installer menu and bypassing PBL and your default dash. (For rescuing an installation).
* Boxplorer is available as a filemanager. Users without ftp-access should be able to transfer files to their xbox this way. Usefull for changing the default dashboard.
* Includes a mini-linux with some usefull xbox modding tools, like xbedump
Current Status:: v1.7.5 // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

It's a very fast, very small version of sXb (slackware for Xbox) running on the Xbox. At less than 55 MB you have no reason not to try it out!
* Less than 43MB download!
* Use as FAST LiveCD or install to E/sxbmini in about 1 minute by running script
* Ultra-light and fast sXb. Boots in ~10 seconds from HD to desktop. And boots Dillo web-browser in less than 1 second.
* Xpad support
* Virtual Keyboard icon on desktop
* SSHdaemon
* Network configuration via DHCP
* Updated save-sxbmini script to easily save changes
Current Status:: v1 // Download // Official Website

Those who have been visiting us for a long time will probably remember there was a port of the Slackware linux distro on Xbox called Slaxbox that has been renamed Slothbox later on. This Xbox distro has no longer been updated and the website/download aren't even available anymore.
Now a new group is working on a Slackware port to Xbox called sXb.
sXb is Slackware on Xbox started by bollywood and maintained by chadkeck and bollywood. It is aimed to be a small, fast, modular, and customizable distro.
Current Status:: Release 2 // Download // Official Website

This is a version of sXb (slackware for Xbox) that will boot from a USBKEY.
Current Status:: Beta1 // Download // Official Website

This is basically just another little linux distro. Build for the special needs us xbox softmodders have. I found the need for such a distro since the windows-based tools to access fatx-drives suck!
However, most people are not very familiar with linux - sad in my opinion but true. Therefore I include a tool in this distributions that automates most of the tasks when dealing with xbox HD management.
This package will let you create a bootable CD that can access and manipulate/rescue, clone and even rebuild working xbox HD's from scratch. I see this usefull for people who want to :
+ Upgrade their xbox with a larger HD (either by cloning or building from scratch)
+ rescue or rebuild a corrupt xbox HD.
+ Calculate the HD passwd for locked and unlocked HD's
+ Locks and unlocks HDD's with the password automatically calculated from the eeprom.
+ Can also set a Master Password (XBOXSCENE) when locking to allow an unlock later even without the eeprom or the user password.
+ Install the official softmod package including the audio and font hack, Evox and PBL 1.4.1.
You also have the option to make a patched copy of you MS dashboard to be run from Evox when using the font hack. Do not use this package is you do not have a kernel below 5530 and dashboard version 4920.This is meant to provide users without memcards or any of the exploitable games (MA,SC,007) with an easy to use softmod package.
+ have a stable package to access and delete, move, change files on the xbox HD.
An included program will also let you rebuild the C-drive alone, which could be very usefull if this has become corrupted, if you are in a clock loop and dont know how to manually restore the C-drive or if you need to downgrade the dashboard.
This is all done by letting you boot to a small live-linux with fatx support, like xlinux, but with so many more tools and options. Better hardware compatibility due to a updated kernel/syslinux and NTFS support are things to mention. Also from this CD you can boot to DOS and use HD lock/unlock tools.
Current Status:: v1.9 // Download // By Ldots


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