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Xbox Homebrew Software Releases

PLEASE NOTE: Everything on this page is non-commercial or freeware.
None of the content should contain any copyright protected code or break any other European copyright law. If that's not the case , contact me and I will (after verification) remove the content immediately.

Applications executing on the XBOX make frequent calls into the XBOX kernel in order to accomplish things. The group of functions that the kernel exports for use by applications is known as the Kernel API (Applications Programming Interface). An insight into the operation of the application can be gained by observing the calls it makes to the kernel.
When executed, the APILogger utility installs itself into the kernel, and then spawns a child application. Any calls made by the spawned application to the kernel are then captured and the details logged to a file on the HDD for later examination.
The design approach was to ensure that the XBOX-based component of the APILogger was as compact and lightweight as possible. This mandated a companion PC-based application, APIReporter, which contains the intelligence and does the processing.
Current Status:: v2 // Download // Source Code // Official Website

This is a program made for those that prepare hdd's - often. It works over SMB, easy to set up and very simple to use, and fast as heck due to a "kindof" boost mode transfer system.
Features :
* partition and formats the entire drive automatically
* ejects cd upon loaded
* copies installsets from a SMB server
* using a boost-mode cache handling for max speeds ( installs ava + xbmc in 18 seconds )
* allows mutiple selections so user can make modules for different installs without any extra efforts
* automatically reboots to installed dash after prep
Current Status:: v1.1 // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

This file adds \\Device\\Harddisk0\\Partition2 (C: drive) support to the XDK Launcher.
Place cdrive.dxt in E:\dxt on your debug xbox and reboot.
Current Status:: v1 // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

Halo 2 Launcher is a very simple xbox application that allows users to pick if they want to launch Halo 2 version 1.0 or version 1.1
Q: Why would I want to launch Halo 2 1.0 if I have 1.1?
A: The 2 versions of Halo 2 are not compatable over system link and the XDK cannot be used to take screen shots of Halo 2 1.1
Current Status:: v1 // no download (built with XDK) // By farklem

Halo 2 Map Resigner X is an Xbox application to resign Halo2 maps.
* Only 90% of what should be showing onscreeen is showing
Future Function:
* Resign All Maps With A Key Combo
* Resign A Map To Its Origional Encryption
* Any Other Realistic Suggestions
Current Status:: Beta 1 // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

Allows to edit Halo maps directly on your Xbox
Current Status:: v0.7 // no download (built with XDK) // By XBOX War3z & NikeJustDoItOk?

LinksBoks is a port to the Xbox platform of the Links2Browser, an enhanced version of the LinksBrowser. The selected version is actually LinksHacked, a modified version of Links2 with additional Features.
LinksBoks is a fully functional WWW browser that runs natively on your Xbox, entirely controllable with the regular Xbox controller, for those who don't want/know how to run Linux on their console.
Its rendering engine is not as powerful as IE's or Mozilla's (no it doesn't support CSS or the latest eyecandies), but it should be more than enough for your casual browsing.
Current Status:: 0.99 - 'Marmitopter Edition' // no download (built with XDK) // Source Code // Official Website

Mimesis is a brand new content distribution app that will change the way you get your modded game content forever.
It will check for the latest content from a centralized server just like the Live! service does. By choosing from a list of available content on your TV screen (each with its own a preview image/video and map details), you will simply select the one you want to play and it will download and install itself to your Xbox! That's how easy it will be to get the latest and greatest modded content for your Live! enabled games. Sound familiar? That's right, its just as easy as getting 'official' content from the Live! service. Only difference is that this content was built by fellow modders in the Xbox community, oh yeah, and its free!
Current Status:: v3.0 // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

This file reboots a debug xbox with debugging turned off. Now you can play Halo ect without having to use a PC to do a xbreboot -p or use xSwitchx.
Current Status:: v1.0 // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

An Operation ProjectX client for Xbox. Operation ProjectX is a brute force attempt to find the private key to sign xbe files on xbox. (will make it possible to run linux without modchips)
Current Status:: 0.2 // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

PGR2 Editor is a program to edit the ini's in pgr2 with features like adding/removing colours, class switching, etc.
Current Status:: v0.1 // no download (built with XDK) // By Roadkill3r

PPF-XBOX is a fairly straight forward port of ApplyPPF by Icarus/Paradox.
It can apply PPF 1, 2, and 3 patches as well as undoing PPF 3 patches (if undo information was included by the PPF creator).
Current Status:: v0.7a // no download (built with XDK) // By MadHouse

These are two completely legal xbe's wich will reset or power-off your xbox.
They were made as an alternative to already existing applications that accomplish the same task.
These, however, were not made with the XDK, and contain no microsoft code.
Current Status:: v1.0 // Download // Official Website

xbe files to shutdown or reboot the xbox.
Current Status:: final // no download (built with XDK) // By

reboot.xbe --> Software reset, Bios reloads.
power_long.xbe --> Real Power Cycle with long power off time before switching on again (SmartXX OS is entered)
power_short.xbe --> Real Power Cycle with short power off time before switching on again (SmartXX OS is entered)
Current Status:: v1 // Download // Official Website

In this Source Code you Will learn how to:
* Play with the XBOX LED colors and sequences.. eg. flash it yellow and green..
* Load en Decrypt the EEPROM contents.
* Detect and Validate the XBOX Version.
* Identify the IDE HDD Model and Serial
* Check the IDE HDD Status
* Unlock the IDE HDD
Current Status:: v1 // Download // Official Website

X-Pass is a password protection app for the XBOX, so you can stop people loading XBE's that you don't want them to, or even make it the default XBOX dashboard to stop them using it altogether.
Current Status:: v0.2.1 // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

So you might be asking what the purpose of this app is?
Well MY purpose of this app was to be sure NO ONE could EVER change the Xbox Nickname.xbn with any game. Well in theory, it can be, however everytime you reboot your xbox, this app loads before the dashboard, which in favor reloads a nice backup of your nickname.xbn each time :-)
You have a few options on how to use this application.
1) Have it load before a dashboard.
2) Run anytime you wish.
Current Status:: v0.1 // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

This very simple and little xbox app let you know what your Xbox version is and what type of video encoder you have.
This app support all video encoders (Conexant, Focus and Xcalibur) and all Xbox versions (1.0 to 1.6, DevKit and DebugKit).
Current Status:: v1 // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

Make connection with the internet to get the exact time.
Current Status:: v03 // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

This legal xbox app will check and display whether you have a Clone(Fake) or Original Xenium. Results are not 100% guaranteed. Source code is included.
Current Status:: v1 // Download // By n/a

It allows to easily apply .ETM-trainers (EvolutionX Trainer Modules - small trainer files that can be legally distributed) on Xbox games from any Xbox dashboard (it's standalone).
Current Status:: v2.1 // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website

>> Xpad
Xpad is a word-processing util , like notepad on windows.
Current Status:: Alpha2 // no download (built with XDK) // By

This is a little idea for app using a "slighty customised" evoX to swap between tHc LITE skins.
Current Status:: v1.0 // no download (built with XDK) // Official Website


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