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Xbox-Scene Legal Tools Downloads

PLEASE NOTE: Everything on this page is non-commercial or freeware.
None of the content should contain any copyright protected code or break any other European copyright law. If that's not the case , contact me and I will (after verification) remove the content immediately.

ATA password , for locking drives tutorial.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

- Change [] and {} to ()
- Remove illegal chars
- Change illegal chars to _
- Change illegal chars to spaces
- Change _ to space
- Change space to _
- Change 2 or more spaces or _ to just one
- Remove spaces
- If filename is too long, remove spaces or _ before loosing chars
- Recursively (all folder+theif subfolder/files)
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0<<

Drivers for Xbox HD for win2k/XP. You need to unlock your harddisk (or hotswap) before you use this programm.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

FATX Explorer by opcode based on the unix based command line FATX dumper by Andy & Luke. Allows you access to Xbox files from Win32.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

This program allows files on an xbox hard disk to be dumped out.
Two basic commands are supported:
xboxdumper list [partition number] [xbox image filename]
This will dump the directory tree of the specified partition.
xboxdumper dump [xbox filename] [output filename] [partition number] [image filename]
This will dump the file [xbox filename] into the file [output filename]
from the specified partition number. The full directory path to the file
using / or \ should be supplied.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.12<<

This software allow to :
- add files onto the Xbox HD partitions
- add directories.
- erase files.
- bring back files.
- read Xbox HDD images make by Hddriver or Winhex.
>>Download<< || By Yoshihiro || >>Latest version: v1.4<<

Written by TOOGG, this Win2K/XP utility provides GUI read/write access to your Xbox HDD
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

A simple DOS utility which directly comunicates with the HD via the I/O ports. No need for BIOS (The BIOS HD settings can be completly disabled!. With this method you don't need rebooting your PC or BIOS recognizing the XBOX HD. Simply plug in your XBOX HD and it works!
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

Unlock/Lock/Disable your orignal Xbox harddrive with these tools. Check the readme for for info.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

Ziki wrote this little windows program to prepare a hard drive for xbox. It writes zeros and partition info on the hd. So, you don't need to use Winhex anymore. (to make new HD ready for Evox HDswap (only for first release of evox))
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1.3<<

Does: Gives the password for your X-Box hard disk!
Doesn't: Unlock the disk. Allow you to lock another disk. (Hopefully these features will be in the next release of X-Box Linux* for those who have their X-Box hard disk passwords.)
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1.0<<

A safe Macintosh hard drive utility to UNLOCK a security-locked ATA-IDE hard drive when the hard drive MASTER password is known. The default 32 byte master password in the hex dialog box is conveniently set to the same password used by the XBOX utility ConfigMagic(info), though arbitrary master passwords are allowed.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1.0<<

Xplorer is an xbox disk management tool similar to windows explorer.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.<<


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