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Beginners/General Guides
Modchip, TSOP and Bios Guides
General Modchip/TSOP installation guides
TSOP flashing
Bios splitting/burning guides
Bios flashing guides
Xecuter1.x guides
Xecuter2.x guides
X-Chip guides
Soldesless adaptor manual
X-Control manual
SmartXX guides
Short installation manual
Quick Solder manual
PinHeader manual
Xbox v1.6 Install manual
SmartXX-OS manual
Xenium guides
X-BIT guides
Pogo-Pin Guide
Header-Pin Guide
Wires Guide
Power-Button Guide
Bios Selection Guide
Matrix/Xodus guides
Installation Manual
Programmer Manual
Matrix external SPST pushbutton switches with switch indicators and mode indicators
Matrix Enable/Disable Switch
The Matrix/Xodus noob guide
Matrix (Xodus) A-Z Guide
Full Guide To Install Xodus/Matrix & setup EvolutionX
USB Powered Xodus Programmer
Adding Mod Chip Enable/Disable and BIOS Flash ROM Write Enable/Disable Switches To Your XBox
Bolt the Matrix/Xodus on motherboard if your original screw is broken
Chameleon v1.x guides
OpenXbox/PC-Bioxx/Nitroxx guides
Cheapmod (gen3b) guides
Homebrew modchips (gen1) guides
Guides for other modchips
General repair guides
Exploits/Softmod Guides
Xbox Hardware Addons/Modifications Guides
Backup Guides
Homebrew Software Guides
Xbox Linux Guides
Xbox LIVE Guides
Xbox Game Mods Guides
PC/MAC/Linux Guides
Networking Tutorials
PC/Mac/Others Utils
Xbox Developers Guides
Other Guides
Old/Outdated Guides
Xbox Live
Xbox Linux

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