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Beginners/General Guides
Modchip, TSOP and Bios Guides
Exploits/Softmod Guides
Xbox Hardware Addons/Modifications Guides
DVD-drive modifications
HDD modifications
Xbox dongle modifications
Case modifications/painting
Switches and RF mods
Add LEDs/Lights to Xbox/Controller
Jewel modifications
Extra Cooling and Silent-mods
How to make the Xbox silent
Turning the v1.0 Xbox Silent
Is noise spelled with an X?
Cork inside - Another step to make the Xbox more silent
Controlling the noise and temperature of your Xbox
Vantec Stealth Case Fan Upgrade
Cooling Fan Tutorial
How to Increase Your Xbox's Fan Speed aka 12v Fan Mod
Fan Speed Selection
How to Install a Fan under Hard Drive
A Way To Cool The Xbox Harddrive
Upgrading Xbox Fan to 80mm fan
How to install a 80mm fan in your Xbox
How To Install A Fan Warning System In Your XBOX
Upgrade the CPU and GPU Thermal
Water Cooling the Xbox
Add USB connections
Add special Outputs and Cables
PSU modifications
Other Hardware modifications
Backup Guides
Homebrew Software Guides
Xbox Linux Guides
Xbox LIVE Guides
Xbox Game Mods Guides
PC/MAC/Linux Guides
Xbox Developers Guides
Other Guides
Old/Outdated Guides

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