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XSelect 0.9
>> A new release from a new author based on the old sources..
From the readme:
What is this?
A program that can run other Xbox executables.
It seems this was originally created to be the fastest interface to launch several different (dashboard) programs, and remember a default.

What is so good about this program?
It is less than 35% of the size of the Evolution-X RemoteX dashboard, and less than 20% of the filesize of Evo-X RemoteX if XBEPack is used. Other dashboards are even larger: This is 12%-ish of UnleashX(info)'s size.This can be non-interactive and ignored except for when it is useful. An Xbox controller can be used to find any file to execute, even one buried deeply in nested sub-directories, without any pre-made config files. (Advantages over Evo-X RemoteX, not the single-file UnleashX.)
These, and its speed of use, are the strong points. XSelect also has a password feature (which may be unique, if not very useful).

Official Site: n/a
Download: n/a (built with XDK)
News-Source: xbins.org
(August 2 07:20 CEST) - (direct link to article)
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