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OzXodus: Partnership dissolved, TeamXodus and OzXChip Split
>> From OzXodus.com:
It is with regret and great sadness that we announce our decision to dissolve the partnership formed between OzXChip and TeamXodus. In any business arrangement and partnership, alliances are made and formed for the betterment of the two parties with the express purpose of producing better quality products and service to customers. The birth of the first 4th generation chip, the Xenium, was a major achievement of which we are extremely proud.

In recent times we have found that too much time has been spent negotiating plans, arguing over proposed developments and reconciling differences in opinion, as such we feel that the project has suffered and that we have reached an impass. We believe that the alliance has outlived its usefulness and rather than benefiting our customers it is now severely hampering our ability to move quickly and efficiently toward betterment of the product.

We realise that there will be much speculation as to the fate of the Xenium. We would like to assure you that the Xenium is alive and well and that the whole purpose of this decision is to move forward to fulfil the promises made for the product.

Both groups would like to thank the community for the support and encouragement that has been offered to OzXodus.

A Special Message from Team Xodus:
Contrary to speculation and hopeful thinking by critics and competitors, we would like to let you know that Team Xodus, is 100% committed and dedicated to the betterment and development of our premier product, the Xenium. We would like to assure all those sceptics out there that we have absolutely no intention of slowing down or relaxing in any way whatsoever. On the contrary, we are now more focused and determined and would like to invite all of you to visit us at our new domain TeamXodus where you will be able to find out more. See you there!
In conclusion we would like to thank OzXChip and wish them the all the best in their future. You can visit them at www.OzXChip.com

*UPDATE1* From teamxodus.com:
Welcome to our new site. We would like to tell all our critics and faithful supporters alike that we are back, stronger and more united than ever before!
Of course, we realise that we have taken quite a beating over the past few weeks due to our silence and our inability to explain exactly what was going on during our negotiations but it is not in our nature to compromise our integrity and respect for partners no matter the consequences. We appreciate that there have been some serious consequences and we would like to take this opportunity to apologise to loyal customers and supporters alike (especially the Australian market) for delays in supply and lack of timeous response to your requests and questions. We hope that this brief explanation at least goes some way toward enlightening you on the reasons for our recent silence.
Enough of that.
What is more important now is where we are going and what plans we have for the Xenium and other projects already in the pipeline. Now that we have found our voice again you can be sure that information and updates will be flowing more frequently, especially concerning new developments like XOS 2.0, ACT2 which is better and deadlier than before, as well as some exciting new product developments we have in store for you. Naturally, it is now quite clear as to why the much awaited XOS 2.O release has been delayed and why we could not fully explain to disgruntled fans. The good news though, is that the final release of XOS 2.0 will be out straight after current tests are complete with fixes and improvements on our initial beta version, such as the implementation of Quick Boot, date/time bug fix and (hopefully if we can get it stable enough), a small surprise! Due to popular opinion, the backdrop has also been changed to a more sedate scheme.
Our support channel on Efnet, #TeamXodus is up and running. Please join us there.
As far as our competition is concerned, we are sure that their short lived sighs of relief have now turned to gasps of horror and panic as it will soon become painfully obvious that Xenium and TeamXodus are not only here to stay but that we are more determined, positive and confident. If certain products of theirs ever get off their wish lists and finally join us in the real world, they will have a whole lot to live up to, we promise that!!

*UPDATE2* From ozxchip.com:
We’ll be back, see you in the 5th Generation!
(August 21 03:20 CEST) - (direct link to article)
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